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Even though he grew up in Portland, Maine, executive editor William Earl knew early on that he was destined to live and work in New York City — but there were plenty of diversions along the way. After high school, William graduated from Ithaca College with a dual degree in journalism and political science. Unable to find any prospects in his chosen fields after school, he headed into the fast-paced world of advertising and corporate communications in Chicago. Soon after, journalism tempted William back, and he headed to NYC to start as the weekend editor at HL. When he’s not writing about celebrities, William is passionate about the music of Kanye West, eating a ton of food and reading super-dorky books.

James Franco Instagram Flirting

James Franco: It Was A Dumb Move To Flirt On Instagram

2 weeks ago 14
What were you thinking, James Franco? If you did in fact try to hook up with your 17-year-old fan Lucy Clode, you crossed a major line. And even if… Read Article ▶
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Rihanna Drake Draft Day

Drake: Stop Rapping About Other Girls, You Have Rihanna

2 weeks ago 27
Another new song, another new crush. Drake continued the tradition of using his music to hit on girls by gawking at Jennifer Lawrence in his new… Read Article ▶
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Miley Cyrus Mocks Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ In Racy New Twerk Video

1 month ago 11
Miley gives an impromptu take on Justin's classic -- and because she's just being Miley, it's VERY raunchy. WATCH her new video and tell us if you… Read Article ▶
L'Wren Scott Self-Harm

L’Wren Scott Self-Harmed Weeks Before Suicide — Report

1 month ago 4
Although life looked glamorous for the world-famous designer, L'Wren harbored many dark secrets. Stress from her floundering fashion line and… Read Article ▶
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Justin Bieber Changing For Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber’s New Selena Gomez Song Proves He’s Really Changing

1 month ago 37
The Biebs gave us a sneak preview of a romantic new love song on March 15, just one week after he and Selena reunited with a bang (and a lot of PDA)… Read Article ▶
Getty, Courtesy of Instagram
Bruce Jenner Changes

Bruce Jenner: Splitting With Kris Was The Right Move If You Can Be Yourself

2 months ago 2
We were heartbroken to see Bruce and Kris Jenner's relationship come to an end on 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians,' but if a split is the only way… Read Article ▶
SplashNews, Courtesy of Instagram
Bruce Jenner Sex Change

Bruce Jenner: If You Want To Live Life As A Woman, You Should

3 months ago 15
The rumors about Bruce Jenner wanting to be a woman have been around for years, but now that he's officially separated from Kris, he has reportedly… Read Article ▶
Obama Family Christmas Card Pop Up

President Obama’s Family Spreads Cheer With Amazing Holiday Card

4 months ago 18
Everyone can put their politics aside and agree that the First Family definitely delivered the coolest greeting of the year. HollywoodLife.com has a… Read Article ▶
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Justin Bieber Strip Club

Justin Bieber Partied With 35 Strippers In Australia — Report

5 months ago 37
The Biebs definitely let off some steam when he took Sydney's Bada Bing Nightspot by storm on November 26. Luckily, he had nearly three dozen… Read Article ▶
FameFlyNet, SplashNews
Sharkeisha Fight Video

Sharkeisha Fight Video: Watch The Shocking Assault

5 months ago 13
Sharkeisha gained instant notoriety as millions of outraged viewers watched her vicious punch on Instagram and YouTube -- and now the police are… Read Article ▶
Courtesy Of YouTube
Kris Jenner Lamar Odom No Trust

Kris Jenner: It’s Right That You Don’t Trust Lamar Odom

7 months ago 21
Lamar's troubles may have come as a surprise to some of us, but not to Kris Jenner. She saw the red flags, and now doesn't trust Lamar -- nor should… Read Article ▶

Drake & Rihanna: 5 Reasons You Should Start Dating

7 months ago 35
Rihanna, you and Drake have great chemistry and your recent flirty tweets prove that you definitely have him on your mind. Keep reading to find out… Read Article ▶
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