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Jason Scott

America's Got Talent All That Wild Card

'America's Got Talent' Results: Sharon Osbourne Reveals Shocking Wild Card

4 years ago 7
The last 12 acts played a game of Russian Roulette this week as they found out whether they garnered enough votes to move on to the semifinals. Did… Read Article ▶
America's Got Talent William Close

'America's Got Talent': Howie Mandel Crowns William Close The Winner

4 years ago 6
Howie thinks he found a winner in William, the larger-than-life musician. But which acts are giving him a run for his money? The July 24 episode of… Read Article ▶
America's Got Talent

‘'America’s Got Talent': Jake Wesley Rogers Delivers 'Toxic' Performance

4 years ago 3
12 acts. 90 seconds. 1 chance. Which acts proved to be 'Toxic" on stage — and which ones hit their sweet spot? On the July 17 episode, as with every… Read Article ▶

'America's Got Talent': Gavin DeGraw Is 'Sweeter' Than The Results

4 years ago 1
Another batch of hopefuls went under the knife as America voted three more acts through to the semifinals. Did your favorite get sliced? On the July… Read Article ▶

‘America’s Got Talent’: Jonathan Hawley Impales Wife… With Magic

4 years ago 3
12 more acts took to the stage to wow America with jaw-dropping magic, heart-stopping body bending and hilariously inappropriate comedy. On the July… Read Article ▶

'America's Got Talent' Results: Did Lil Starr Win America's Heart?

4 years ago 0
The first 12 acts gave it their all last night with dazzling performances, but America has spoken. Did your favorite act make the cut? On the July 3… Read Article ▶

‘America’s Got Talent’: Howie Mandel Calls Lil Starr The Next Shirley Temple

4 years ago 4
'AGT' kicked off its first live show with Howie's blackhead surgery, the revelation that Sharon calls Ozzie 'Daddy,' and 12 acts vying for America's… Read Article ▶

'America's Got Talent': All Beef Patty Dominates In First Las Vegas Round

4 years ago 6
The first Vegas round proved to be too much for some Americans, as singers, performers and stunt men took to the stage to impress — but ended up… Read Article ▶

'America's Got Talent': Meet Twiggy, The Water-Skiing Squirrel

4 years ago 4
Without a doubt, Twiggy is the best animal act to score an audition slot this season -- which says more about the show than it does this incredibly… Read Article ▶

‘America’s Got Talent’: Andrew De Leon Is The Operatic Marilyn Manson

4 years ago 28
Have you ever wondered what Marilyn would sound like as an opera singer? 'AGT' has your answer. The June 5 episode of America's Got Talent brought… Read Article ▶

‘America’s Got Talent’: Issac Brown Could Be The Next Michael Jackson

4 years ago 18
Did 'AGT' witness the rise of the next Michael? Meet the winner of one of the best auditions in TV history! The May 29 episode of America's Got… Read Article ▶

Adam Lambert Goes Futuristic In 'Never Close Our Eyes' Music Video

4 years ago 5
Adam's new 'Never Close Our Eyes' music video has us going all '1984' up in here! The pop beats and clever hook are set to a futuristic setting as… Read Article ▶
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