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Cecil The Lion Killer Dr. Walter Palmer Needs To Stop Hunting Rare Animals

12 hours ago 11
Dentist Walter Palmer needs to seriously rethink his hobby of killing beautiful, rare animals after illegally shooting Cecil the Lion, who lived on a… Read Article ▶
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Caitlyn Kris Jenner Kylie Getting Married

Caitlyn & Kris Jenner: Unite & Forbid Kylie To Marry Tyga

2 days ago 17
Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, it's time to put aside your own personal differences and squash Kylie's plans to walk down the aisle with Tyga once she… Read Article ▶
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Caitlyn Jenner: Let’s All Heed Her Plea For Acceptance Of Transgender People

2 weeks ago 10
Thank you, Caitlyn Jenner, for your powerful and compassionate ESPYS acceptance speech asking all Americans to become more accepting of everyone's… Read Article ▶
Caitlyn Jenner ESPYS Acceptance Speech
Louis Tomlinson Child

Congrats Louis Tomlinson On Becoming A Dad — So Glad You’ll Be Hands-On

2 weeks ago 2
The bombshell news just broke that One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is expecting a baby with good friend Briana Jungwirth and it's terrific to… Read Article ▶
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Kylie Jenner Amandla Stenberg Fight

Kylie Jenner & Amandla Stenberg: Talk Out Your Differences — Don’t Diss On Instagram

2 weeks ago 23
Amandla Stenberg, you are a very bright young woman with a very important message. But slamming Kylie Jenner on Instagram isn't the way to deliver… Read Article ▶
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World Cup Pay Gap

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Needs To Be Paid As Much As The Men’s

3 weeks ago 6
It was a historic moment today, July 10, when for the first time in history, a women's team -- the U.S. Women's Soccer Team -- was honored with a… Read Article ▶
Tyga Kylie Jenner Breaking Up

Kylie Jenner: It’s Time To Dump Tyga

3 weeks ago 14
Kylie -- you're just 17. You need Tyga and his latest drama like a hole in the head. What you don't need, is a boyfriend who sent penis pictures to… Read Article ▶
Kourtney Kardashian Getting Back Together With Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian: Don’t Take Scott Disick Back Even If He Apologizes

3 weeks ago 8
Kourtney Kardashian -- so far you are standing firm in your resolve to make a new Scott Disick-free life. Don't crumble, even if your ex comes… Read Article ▶
Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Breakup

Kourtney Kardashian: Dumping Scott Disick Is The Right Thing To Do

3 weeks ago 0
Kourtney Kardashian, you've reportedly split from hard partying and PDAing Scott Disick after he was caught getting very cosy with fashion stylist… Read Article ▶
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Tyga Kylie Jenner Living Together

Kylie Jenner: Don’t Let Tyga Move In With You

4 weeks ago 4
Kylie Jenner -- you're just too young at 17 to be living alone with any man, let alone a boyfriend who's 25 and already has a child. This is just too… Read Article ▶
Magic Mike XXL Movie Review

‘Magic Mike XXL': Ladies, Line Up For Your Tickets & An Irresistibly Good Time

4 weeks ago 0
There's no way that if you're under 80, female and alive, that you won't be completely entertained watching the pecs, abs and dance moves of Magic… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Kate Hudson Dad Disowns

Bill Hudson: Don’t Ever Disown Or Give Up On Oliver & Kate Hudson — Reach Out

1 month ago 6
Bill Hudson, you must have been hurting pretty badly after your son, Oliver, publicly dissed you on Father's Day. But that's still no reason to end… Read Article ▶
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