Alycia Debnam-Carey On ‘Fear TWD’s All-Too-Timely Mexican Border Storyline

If you watch ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ then you are aware of the focus on the Mexican border and how coincidental it is to what is going on in real life. In an interview with, Alycia Debnam-Carey explains the ‘interesting’ parallel on the show.

Alycia Debnam-Carey, 23, sat down with at the ATX Festival in Austin, Texas to discuss all things Fear The Walking Dead in June 2017. We couldn’t help but ask about the show’s ongoing focus on the Mexican border, and how much it reflects the current political climate between the country and the United States. “This season does have some very reflective moments for what is current politic socially economic climate in the US,” Alycia told “It wasn’t planned or purposeful, but it is inevitable those things do weave in and out. Right now it happens to be quite relevant.” It sure does!

The actress who plays Alicia Clark on the series also shared that the border adds a lot of diversity to the stories they are telling. “There’s some interesting groups we meet that have different ideologies, different backgrounds,” Alycia added. “[It] really is going to be interesting to see how people respond to it.” Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd was also present for‘s interview, and explained that the border drama on the show really adds to the story they are trying to tell. “There’s always a lot of drama at any border, that’s always been the case for this border,” Gale explained. “Whenever you have those kinds of conflicts, both sides believes they’re in the right. It’s great to see those groups and those philosophies collide. And have the creative template to explore that.”

In case you’re not caught up on Fear The Walking Dead, season two took the Clark family from Los Angeles, California to Mexico in hopes of finding refuge. They were below the border until the very end of season two when they made the desperate attempt to cross back onto American soil, which led them into more trouble than they could have ever imagined.

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