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Katy Perry Is A Total Hypocrite For Clapping Back At Taylor Swift & Here’s Why

Fri, May 19, 2017 11:00am EDT by Lauren Cox 17 Comments 23,491 Article Views

Here we go again. The feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry refuses to die, but only because someone — ahem, Katy — keeps adding fuel to it. A little strange for someone who’s all about ‘Rise’-ing above it all, no?

Katy Perry, 32, just dropped what certainly appears to be a nasty diss track about Taylor Swift, 27, on Friday, May 19. This so-called response to Taylor’s “Bad Blood” is about two years too late and, in my opinion, hands down the most hypocritical thing Katy has ever done. Everyone is always due their own retort, but Katy has spent the past two years attempting to take the high road and even making a jab at Taylor for “capitalizing” off of the “take down” of another woman — but now she’s doing the exact same thing. Hey pot, have you met kettle? It appears you two like to wear the same color scheme.

Now before you start coming for me on social media because I have a different opinion than you about your fave, hear me out. Remember back in July 2015 when Nicki Minaj threw shade at Taylor because she got a Video of the Year nomination at the MTV Video Music Awards, but Nicki didn’t? Taylor responded to Nicki and mentioned that she isn’t one to usually “pit women against each other”, which Katy saw and had a field day with. Katy indirectly inserted herself into the argument by throwing shade at Taylor on Twitter, which you can see below:

Katy Perry Tweet

Um, hello? How can you call someone out for “capitalizing” on the “take down” of someone else only to follow suit and do it yourself? Listen, women versus women is never cool, but what’s even less cool is pretending that you are taking a stand against something only to end up participating in it for your own benefit. The best part? Nicki and Taylor put their feud aside and ended up coming out on top after a killer surprise performance together at the awards show.

Katy may not like to refer to herself as a feminist and that’s okay, especially since the word itself comes with such a stigma these days, but with songs like “Rise” and “Chained to the Rhythm” she’s firmly planted herself in the fight against inequality on all fronts. As Ruby Rose so perfectly put it, “I just think with everything going on in the world to go from rebranding as political activist only to ditch it and go low.. is.. a bummer.” A bummer indeed, Ruby.

And let us not forget that Katy recently told Entertainment Weekly that there was “no one thing” “calling out any one person” on her new album. She also added, “Honestly, when women come together and they decide to unite, this world is going to be a better place. Period end of story.” Is releasing a response diss track that says “you’re calculated” and “you’re ’bout cute as an old coupon expired” helping women unite? I don’t think so.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think that Katy and Taylor will ever put this feud to rest? Comment below, let us know what you’re thinking!