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Miley Cyrus Is Not Down For A ‘Hannah Montana’ Reboot & Here’s Why

Wed, May 17, 2017 9:52am EDT by Lauren Cox Add first Comment

Sorry kids, but if Miley Cyrus has her way ‘Hannah Montana’ will never make a comeback. In a new interview, the ‘Malibu’ singer explains why she’s done with the Disney series for good!

Miley Cyrus, 24, isn’t down with the whole reviving old television shows things. When it comes to her hit Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana, fans would likely love to see a reboot… but Miley’s not into it. In a new radio interview with the Zach Sang Show, the former TV star was asked about whether or not she would ever help bring the series back to life. Her answer, in short? Not a chance — especially if it involves her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, 55, who played her dad on the show, too.

“[I] probably [wouldn’t do a ‘Hannah Montana’ reboot],” Miley said during the interview. “Probably not because… it’s a lot of time to be spent with my dad. You know, my dad was my dad on the show. I have enough dad time.” Miley elaborated by further explaining, “That was really hard every day from, like, [ages] 11 to 18. I didn’t get a school escape like most people. I went to work with my dad. And then I started driving my dad toward the end, when I could start driving. And then my grandma went with me every day. It was a lot of time with dad and grandma.”

Miley also shared that being under the thumb of Disney and her family for so long had a lot to do with her post-Hannah Montana “rebellious” stage. “That’s why, as soon as I turned 18, you guys wonder why I was twerking at Juicy J shows. I had just spent 10 years every day with my dad and grandma. I had to break free,” she told the radio show. We totally get it, Miley!

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