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Relationship Goals: How Will You Finally Meet Your Soulmate? — Quiz

Fri, April 21, 2017 5:09pm EDT by Add first Comment

It’s something we all want and daydream about on the regular: meeting our soulmates. And while we have an idea of who we want it to be, knowing when it’s going to happen is a whole different story! Luckily, you can take our quiz and find out exactly where you’ll meet!

When we’re kids, we daydream about the day we’ll meet “the one” and fall in love forever and ever. Sometimes, we find out that that takes a little bit longer than we expected. Dating can drag up a lot of duds along the way to meeting someone completely special, but at some point, everyone meets them!

Anxious romantics get antsy thinking about when they’re finally going to meet their soulmate, but there’s never a concrete timeline for something that important! If you’re really trying to nail down when and where you’re going to meet that special someone, you should definitely take this quiz and find out ahead of time. Once you know where, you never know when!

We’re sure that you and your soulmate will be total relationship goals as soon as you get together. You’ll probably rise to the ranks of famous celebrity couples who are total inspirations with their loving relationships. Take Beyonce, 35, and Jay Z, 47, who have stood strong throughout the hardships of their relationship and come out on top. Despite allusions to his cheating on her Lemonade album, the married couple have shown nothing but love and support for each other since. She’s now having twins!

Celeb Couples That Are #RelationshipGoals — See Pics

There’s Chrissy Teigen, 31, and John Legend, 38, who are basically just funny and hell together, and emote total love. The couple are always ribbing on each other, sharing PDA, and calling out their utter devotion for one another. Plus, now they have sweet baby Luna Stephens to complete their little family. Total soulmates.

HollywoodLifers, tell us; how and where are you going to meet your soulmate?