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‘Scandal’ Recap: [Spoiler] Is Killed & The Fight For The Presidency Continues

Thu, April 20, 2017 10:19pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

A lot of characters ended up with blood on their hands on the April 20 episode of ‘Scandal’ after a main character was killed off — for real this time. Plus, a fan favorite couple reunited!

Well, this is certainly not how I expected this episode to start out. David and the mystery woman get it on at his place. I did not ask to be a part of this. When David goes to get something out of the fridge after having sex, Jake grabs him and warns him about his new girlfriend.

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Olivia explains everything to Mellie and says there’s no option other than to cede to Cyrus. Mellie doesn’t want to sit back and let Cyrus take the presidency away from her — again. She claims she’s willing to steal it, but Olivia knows Mellie won’t ultimately be able to live with herself.

David announces to the world that Cyrus has been cleared of all the charges against him. Abby’s right there by his side when he finds out he’s a free man. Meanwhile, Olivia goes to see Fitz to bring him up to speed on Mellie. As much as this is about Mellie and Cyrus, this is about Olivia, too. Fitz comforts Liv just when she needs to be. “I wanted this,” she says in a brief vulnerable moment. “I needed this.” Rather than letting herself feel any more pain, she walks away.

Mellie Vs. Cyrus

Liz North is just not going to sit back and let Mellie lose this thing. Liz is total Team Mellie. She doesn’t like a lot of people, but she respects the hell out of Mellie. She’s astounded that Mellie’s ready to give up and calls Mrs. Grant weak. That fuels Mellie’s fire.

Mellie shows up at Olivia’s door to state her case. She doesn’t want to cede and wants to have the Electoral College decide again. Olivia doesn’t think it’s a fair fight considering what’s happened to Cyrus. When she realizes Mellie’s not backing down this time, Olivia makes Cyrus her new client. Team Mellie and Team Cyrus are going head-to-head!

Olivia can’t stop herself any longer. She goes to see Cyrus. She wants to talk, but he remembers all the terrible things she said to him just a short time ago. Olivia refuses to leave. “You do not get this chance,” Cyrus says. “This is over.” As much as I love Olivia, Cyrus is totally in the right about this. Olivia doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, at least not yet.

Somehow, Fitz and Angela are still together. I hate this. I hate everything about this. No one asked for this. WE ALL KNOW HE STILL LOVES LIV. While in bed, she starts asking questions about Olivia. Fitz avoids answering anything.

There Will Be Blood

Rowan calls Olivia to have a little chat. He pleads with her to stop trying to make Cyrus president. If she doesn’t, that mystery duo will kill her. “There is no winning,” he says. “There is simply life and death.” There’s no way Rowan can protect her if she goes rogue. Olivia’s not quite ready to fall in line with what her father says quite yet. Liv, you really should have listened to him.

Frankie’s widow comes out in support of Cyrus, which is a huge get. Michael’s interview doesn’t go as well. He’s asked if he thinks Cyrus killed Vargas. While he does say no, Michael buries Cyrus in other ways. He says Cyrus is nothing but a liar and a cheater. “He did not end Frankie Vargas’ life, but he ruined mine,” Michael says. He is a savage. Olivia thinks Mellie’s to blame for this, but she quickly figures out it was probably Rowan.

Fitz visits Cyrus, and it’s almost like old times. He tells Cyrus to take the presidency back. Cyrus conducts a press conference with Fitz by his side. Cyrus is completely honest about his situation. He doesn’t play the victim too much, though. When he brings up Vargas, that’s when Cyrus really starts to shine. “He was different,” Cyrus says. “The people saw it. It’s why he won. And maybe it’s why we lost him.” He vows to do what Vargas can no longer do, and that’s lead the country.

In a not-so shocking turn of events, Liz is working with the mystery duo. Mellie wants no part of this shady backdoor deal. Poor Mellie doesn’t realize who she’s dealing with. Suddenly, the mystery woman takes a club and beats Liz to death right in front of her. Mellie is covered in Liz’s blood. The duo threatens Mellie that if she doesn’t do what they want, they’ll kill her children.

Mellie calls Olivia, and she comes right over. Olivia did not expect a very dead Liz North to be lying on the floor. Mellie is in shock. Olivia thinks she can fix this. This is way above you, Olivia. Jake stays with Mellie when Olivia has to leave. Mellie apologizes profusely for the mess she’s in. Jake, as her vice president, promises to be her shield in this storm. “We’re in this together,” Jake assures Mellie. Is anyone else shipping Mellake HARD?!

#Olitz LIVES!

Angela reveals to Fitz that she’s planning on having Olivia arrested for framing Cyrus and paying off Tom. Fitz immediately warns Olivia of what’s about to happen. He’s willing to do anything to protect her. Liv has an idea, though. If Mellie’s campaign manager is arrested for framing Cyrus, there’s no way the electors will vote for her.

Fitz slams Olivia’s idea and doesn’t want her to go to jail for something she didn’t do. He wants Rowan to go to jail, but that’s not what Olivia has in mind. Olivia swears to Fitz that he’ll lose her forever if he has Rowan arrested.

The electors vote start to vote between Mellie and Cyrus. Mellie downs hooch as she slowly watches her dream of becoming the new President of the United States turn into a nightmare, with Liz’s blood still on her skin.

Angela walks into the Oval Office all pissed that Fitz went behind her back and had someone else arrested — ROWAN! Bye, girl! You will not be missed. Olivia rushes to see her father, but he’s already been taken into custody. Full of rage, Olivia heads to the White House to unleash her fury on Fitz for doing specifically what she told him not to do. But Fitz has it all covered. Rowan is safe and in his custody. He tells her that they can now focus on taking the Peus organization together. After so many episodes of that epic Olitz tension, Olivia reaches out to Fitz. They kiss (!) and head into the bedroom. PRAISE! OLITZ IS BACK AND LIFE IS SO GREAT!

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