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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Is A.D. Hiding In Plain Sight? — Shocking Fan Theory

Thu, April 20, 2017 1:01pm EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

Take a seat and buckle up, because this newest ‘Pretty Little Liars’ A.D. theory is WILD. One eagle-eyed fan has picked up on potential hints in the season 7B premiere that will make your jaw hit the floor. If this theory is right, A.D. is someone very close to one of the Liars.

Are you ready for this, PLL Army? The guys behind the podcast Bros Watch PLL Too have picked up on something pretty crazy. What if A.D. is… Paige (Lindsey Shaw)? The bros point out that Paige has been named Rosewood High’s new Athletic Department Supervisor a.k.a. the A.D. (!!!!!) Supervisor.

Could this be a clue, or is this just a masterful ploy by Marlene King to throw us off? The guys also pointed out that in the final seconds of the episode when A.D. (supposedly) hands the binder of information to Jenna (Tammin Sursok), there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-glimpse of the person’s hair. Paige is rocking short reddish-brown hair, and that piece we see at end of the episode looks very similar to Paige’s hair. Hmm…

Does Paige really have the motive to be A.D.? That’s my real question. While she hates Alison (Sasha Pieterse), it’s hard to believe she would be going after Emily (Shay Mitchell) like this. Plus, A.D. has been all about avenging Charlotte’s death. Paige has no connection to Charlotte that we know of. She could be just one of A.D.’s minions. That seems like a more logical answer. talked EXCLUSIVELY with Marlene about A.D./Uber A. “Everyone’s a suspect,” she said. “Uber A is even more intent on turning the girls against each other.” If there’s two Liars that Paige would want to turn on each other, it’s Emily and Alison. Paige already did a pretty good job of that in the 7B premiere.

Marlene has said before that we’re going to all the answers we want regarding A.D. “Every villain has a real human story,” she tweeted in Feb. 2017. “The best villains are relatable people. In my humble opinion.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Paige is A.D.? Let us know!