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‘Prison Break’ Recap: Everything That Could Go Wrong During Michael’s Escape…Does

Tue, April 18, 2017 10:01pm EDT by Add first Comment

Michael and Lincoln put their plans in motion for the night of the escape on the April 18 episode of ‘Prison Break,’ but it all falls apart as everything goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Michael intricately copies a portion of his full body tattoo onto a piece of paper for a boy outside Ogygia to bring to Lincoln. With help from Sheba, Lincoln discovers the message is a passage from the Surah, a chapter of the Qur’an, but there’s more to it than that. Along with C-Note, the pair discover Michael is directing them to a specific location at the center of Sena, a city in Yemen. It leads them to an auto shop that’s been abandoned for four years, the same amount of time Michael’s been in Ogygia. He was using the shop to plan his escape, and after looking around, C-Note and Linc discover Michael (or ‘Kaniel Outis’) had been plotting to get extremist terrorist, Abu Ramal, out of Ogygia the whole time.

In the prison, Ramal is wreaking havoc on the inmates after being released from solitary. He wants to kill the homosexuals, including Sid, whose father is the man making the blackout for Michael’s escape possible. Ramal’s men hang Sid, but luckily, he’s saved when the guards start shooting and order the inmates that there will be no killing in the prison.

A Christian man (Cross) warns Whip, Michael’s righthand man, that ‘Kaniel’ is just using him for the escape — he’s convinced Michael will just get Ramal out and leave everyone else behind to die. Whip brings his concerns to Michael, who assures him Cross is a ‘liar.’ Still, Whip is worried: He explains that he and Michael were put into the prison by Poseidon to get Ramal out, but then this mysterious leader abandoned them. He wants answers and assurance from Michael that they’re actually going to ditch Ramal before getting him out of Ogygia, but Michael isn’t ready to give him those answers, and the men get into a fistfight. There’s a bigger plan here, though: When the guards come to break things up, Michael subtly steals one of their watches.

The guard discovers his watch is missing, and when he doesn’t find it in ‘Kaniel’s’ cell, he puts the prison on lockdown — no men will leave their cells until the item is found. This is just what Michael needed to prove to his cellmates that Ramal won’t be going anywhere, and therefore not joining them on the escape. Then, when the guards shake down Ramal’s cell, they find the stolen watch in his jacket.

‘Prison Break’ — PICS

However, the blackout happens just as the guards are taking Ramal away, and he fights them off in the chaos when the lights go out. Meanwhile, Cross manages to kill a guard, steal his keys and use them to break into Michael’s cell just as the men are escaping to the roof. Ramal and his men invade the cell and shoot Cross’ man from the escape hole, but not before Sid is pulled out of the ceiling and left behind by Michael. It’s too late, though, as Michael, Ja and Whip are caught by more guards on the roof.

Back in solitary, Ramal tells ‘Kaniel’ he will die for lying to him about the escape. Michael still has Ja cellphone with a 2% battery, and he uses it to record Sara a video message. While breaking down in tears, he tells her he’s always loved her, and that this entire lie was for her. “Don’t let them put Kaniel Outis on my headstone,” he adds. “Because that’s never who I was. Make them put my real name. The man I always was. Michael Scofield.”

Meanwhile, On The Outside…

There’s trouble on the outside of Ogygia, too. Omar agrees to make passports for Lincoln and Michael, and the plan for the night of the escape evolves: Linc and Sheba will pick up the passports, while Mohammad and C-Note will make sure the blackout happens. Chaos erupts when they go get the passports, though: The documents are empty, and a man kidnaps Sheba. The pair have a history: He was in love with her and tried to rape her. He ties her up and brutally beats her. Eventually, Linc is able to save her, but she’s in terrible condition, and he tells C-Note he won’t be able to make it to the escape meeting point in time.

Back in the States, T-Bag corners Sara in the hospital and informs her that he knows all about Kaniel Outis, who paid $1 million for him to get a functioning prosthetic hand, but Sara wants nothing to do with him. She has more to deal with: Her phone was hacked, and she brings it to an electronic store to find out who did it. It turns out, her own thumbprint was used to hack the phone. She instantly flashes back to her meeting with Kellerman — he practically forced her to have a glass of water, and when she picked up the glass, her fingerprints were, naturally, all over it. She finally decides to give in and get help from T-Bag by asking him to set up a meeting with Kellerman.

Meanwhile, Van Gogh and A&W discover Sara’s onto them and chase her down. She expertly manages to escape, but overhears them saying Poseidon, the same mystery leader who put Michael in Ogygia, may eventually have them kill her. Who IS this Poseidon!?

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