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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Toby’s Fate Is Revealed & Spencer Learns The Truth

Tue, April 18, 2017 9:15pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

FINALLY! ‘Pretty Little Liars’ returned for season 7B on April 18, and the episode was one explosive ride. From Spencer finding out the truth about who her mother is to whether or not Toby and Yvonne made it, here’s a recap of the season 7B premiere!

The show picks up right where we left off. Spencer’s been shot and now she’s on the way to the hospital. The EMT keeps asking Spencer who her mother is. Boy, that’s a complicated question. The other Liars head to the hospital with Spencer and notice Toby’s been brought in, too!

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The show flashes forward one week later. Toby is OK, thank god. The same can’t be said for Yvonne. She’s in a medically-induced coma. Spencer is recovering at home.

Ezra comes home to Aria after finding out Nicole is alive. She was just about to leave. She had her bag packed and everything. She tells him she had no idea when and if he was going to come home. Ezra takes her bag and his upstairs, assuring Aria that he’s not going anywhere. He opens up about Nicole. She’s at a recovery center in New York with her parents. Understandably, it’s a big awkward between them. They don’t exactly talk about the wedding, either.

Hanna and Caleb wake up next to each other. After separate relationships and drama, these two have found their way back to each other. There’s one other person Hanna has on her mind other than the gorgeous Caleb: Jenna. Hanna wants to track her down after Noel’s death. Caleb stresses to Hanna that she needs to worry about her career, and he’ll worry about Jenna.

Emily, Paige, and Alison are now all working at Rosewood High. This is a recipe for disaster, for sure. Once Alison realizes that Paige is working at Rosewood High, her jealousy skyrockets. She continues to shut Emily about, especially about the pregnancy. “It’s my nightmare,” she says. “Not yours.” Emily wants to be there for Alison, but Alison just won’t let her!

Old Flames & New Games

The girls all head over to Spencer’s place because A.D.’s got a gift for them. Aria tries to deny the obvious, but they all face the inevitable — Noel was never A.D. to begin with. The gift is a game called Liar’s Lament, and it’s a miniature version of Rosewood. How creepy. “A wants to play,” Emily says. Hanna follows up with, “No, Em. A wants to play with us.”

Mary Drake’s brought up in the conversation, and Spencer tries to deny that big confession we all heard in the summer finale. “Mary Drake is a liar,” Spencer declares. “My mom will prove that when she gets home tomorrow.”

Aria’s worried that Ezra hasn’t told Nicole about them. Since he hasn’t technically said anything, Hanna tells Aria to proceed with planning the wedding. “Trust me. He will say goodbye to her,” Hanna promises. Aria runs into a familiar face while planning her wedding — HOLDEN! I legit forgot about him, to be honest.

Later, Hanna crosses paths with Mona while she’s working on her sketches. Hanna still doesn’t believe in herself enough to put herself out there. Thankfully, Mona has an idea and gets Hanna a big meeting. Hanna ends up dressing the daughter of a New York senator. There’s a hot minute where Hanna finds out that Mona’s been pitching herself as her boss, but Mona swears she has no other motives. Hey, Mona knows success when she sees it.

Finally, The Truth

Emily continues to worry about Paige and Alison’s beef. Paige doesn’t want her to worry. She can handle Alison. But can Emily handle their constant fighting? During a school meeting, Alison and Paige can’t stop shading each other. The bad blood is real. Emily finally snaps at Alison to stop it.

Emily confronts Alison about her attitude. She’s tired of being shut out. Alison admits she’s angry that Rollins left her broke, pregnant, and confused. Her entire life has been full of nothing but lies. Emily asks Alison if she kissed her because she wanted to or didn’t want her to leave. Alison can’t answer the question, much to Emily’s disappointment. “Please don’t kiss me again,” Emily tells Alison. “Not until you know.” YAS, EMILY. She does try to defend Alison to Paige, but Paige is not here for it.

Mrs. Hastings and Spencer finally have that talk. Spencer gives Mrs. Hastings a quick recap of all that’s gone down. She brings up Mary Drake, and just from Mrs. Hastings’ reaction, she knows Mary’s words are true. Mrs. Hastings just can’t deny the truth and ends up explaining everything to Spencer. Mr. Hastings cheated on her back in the day with Mary, whom he thought was Jessica. Mary carried on the affair as Jessica.

Mrs. Hastings says she couldn’t stand the thought of Mary’s baby being born and forgotten, so she worked with Judge Kahn to adopt Spencer. Spencer wonders how Mrs. Hastings could have stayed with her slimy husband — Spencer’s father — after his betrayal. As we’re all aware, marriage is not simple. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings were bonded by Melissa and Spencer. Not surprisingly, Spencer is shocked and devastated that she’s been lied to again. And this is not just some little white lie.


Feeling lost and confused, Spencer decides to play A.D.’s game. The game instructs Spencer to visit a sick friend and get a reward — a.k.a. Toby. Spencer does what she’s told. Yvonne is not doing too good, and it’s taking a toll on Toby. He feels guilty over the car crash. Spencer comforts him and is the perfect shoulder to lean on. There’s nothing romantic about this scene, and that’s why I love it so much. At their core, Spencer and Toby are friends.

Spencer goes back to her place, and the game lights up. Her prize prints out. It’s an envelope that contains a puzzle piece and a letter from Mary to Spencer. The girls realize Spencer’s started playing, and they’re not happy about it. Before Hanna has a chance to destroy the game, the phone in the game starts playing a video of them digging Rollins’ grave. Oh, great. This is just fantastic.

The episode ends with Jenna talking to A.D. Apparently, A.D. told Jenna he/she would tell her about the game. A.D. hands her a binder. “Endgame,” Jenna says, amazed.

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