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‘PLL’ Memory Lane: Dre Davis Looks Back At Sara Harvey & Reveals Her Thoughts On Emison

Tue, April 18, 2017 5:08pm EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

‘Pretty Little Liars’ has had some pretty memorable characters over the years, and Sara Harvey was one of them. chatted EXCLUSIVELY with Dre Davis about the mysterious character and whether there’s a chance we could see Sara again!

What was your experience like on the show?
It was interesting because when I was in New York I was doing mostly theater, and then I went to LA and I booked the show. It was a completely different ball game for me working on a television set, especially one that’s been around for 6 years and one that’s so popular. It was just a massive change in the medium from theater to television. But also, I didn’t realize the impact that it had on people. That was really interesting. Even like through Instagram kids would contact me, and it was cool to reach out to them and have that connection. When I was acting in New York, I wasn’t really interacting with the fans as much, and the show gave me a the chance to reach out more.

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What was your favorite thing about playing Sara?
I really like her mystery because the show is very secretive, and we don’t really know what’s going on until the tables have turned. I didn’t really know what was going on with Sara until the day before I shot the show, so playing Sara added a lot of spontaneity but also allowed me to be imaginative with what she’s experiencing and her past. She was also a very loaded character because she came in damaged and then she evolved into something entirely different, so it was fun to explore different facets of her personality because the beginning was so different from what she turned into. I did like how — even though she was a bit sneaky — there was something she always cared for — and that was Emily. Even though she was a bit devilish, she would look out for her at certain times but not all the time.

Do you have a favorite episode?
I really liked the hospital scene because that was really revealing without revealing too much. It was fun to tease the audience a bit about what she experienced but not really say what happened. It was very vulnerable, and then in contrast I really liked the later episodes. I had so much fun playing her when she was not that nice. For me, it’s not pleasant to be mean to people, so to be able to do that and it’s not me, that was fun to explore. I really like the scene where we were at the spa, and then Shay [Mitchell] comes in. The interaction with Shay and I was a lot of fun just because it was a totally different element I got to play with her.

No one in Rosewood is ever truly gone for good? Is there a chance Sara could return in the final 10 episodes?
There’s always a chance. I’m not allowed to say! It’s so funny because Tammin Sursok’s character and so many other characters who have died with the ceremony and everything have come back. There’s always a chance!

Do you know who killed Sara?
I still have to find out. Sara is a mystery to the audience, but she’s also a mystery to me. There’s a lot about Sara that I kind of had to play with on my own.

Do you have a theory on who Uber A is?
It’s obviously Marlene King. I’ve said that from the beginning. She’s going to make an appearance, and it’s going to be her. She’s going to lock Rosewood in a dome and everyone will be stuck there.

Whether fans like it or not, Sara and Emily had a connection. Do you think Alison is a good fit for Emily?
I do. The fans are so in love with them together, and they really do have chemistry. I’m all for it.

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