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‘Quantico’ Recap: Caleb Blasts Back Into Shelby’s Life To Stir Up Trouble

Mon, April 17, 2017 11:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

He’s baaaack! Caleb finally returns on the April 17 episode of ‘Quantico’ and takes Shelby and Clay by surprise. Plus, another familiar face returns and someone dies a fiery death.

Alex doesn’t mess around. We all know that. She gets right to work with Owen, taking him back to the basics. She throws him in the pool and tells him to tread water before adding weights and zip-tying his feet. She’s pushing himself beyond his limits so he has no choice but to use his instincts. Owen pouts but trusts what Alex is doing. However, Owen quickly lets the training overwhelm him. “You’re so convinced you can’t do it, you’ve already given up,” Alex says. While she is right, Owen makes a good point that he can’t change in one day.

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Sasha and Ryan may be sleeping together, but they still don’t trust each other. Before he leaves for the bunker, he bugs her apartment. Meanwhile, she’s doing a deep dive into the task force and investigating what they’re up to. Sasha, you need to watch yourself.

The team convenes at the bunker for their next assignment. The collaborators are planning a riot in a major city. Clay is officially Mr. Negative now after the Muslim registry drama. He wants to end the task force because he’s still not sure what the collaborators want and doesn’t know exactly how to stop them. Raina steps up and demands they continue. That fuels Alex, who is ready to take control and put the collaborators behind bars.

Raina is having some trouble adapting to being Nimah. There’s so much she doesn’t know, especially when it comes to Nimah’s friends. Ryan pulls her aside to listen in to Sasha talking to the Russians about Ryan. Raina literally has no idea what’s going on. Turns out, this is all a ploy by Sasha. She know Ryan bugged her apartment, she just wants him to know that she knows. She trusts him and wants him to trust her. She even gives him the key to her apartment so he can go snooping around.

The team starts their search to find out what city the collaborators are targeting. Alex realizes they can’t think rationally about this assignment because terrorists don’t think rationally. They have to go with their instincts on this one. What’s the best story? Owen figures out that Cleveland is the target. There’s a murder case involved that leads back to an executive order former President Todd signed at the urgency of Claire. If the defendant is found guilty in this case, the riots will be huge and dangerous. The task force has to prove the jurors were influenced to prevent the riots from happening.

An Old Friend Returns

Shelby, Alex, and Raina are heading to Cleveland! Before she leaves, Shelby goes to see Clay because she just can’t resist. He tells her that he’s going to D.C. to have Claire shut down the task force. Shelby doesn’t let that slide. She knows he’s running away from his problems because he’s scared.

Clay does go to the White House and gets a major surprise. Caleb is there! After weeks of waiting, the Haas prince has returned. He lets Clay know that he found out Shelby was on the task force by Shelby. “You talked to her?” Clay asks a little too quickly. “You care?” Caleb snaps back. Caleb knows how to get under Clay’s skin so easily, and I love it. (Graham Rogers is a national treasure.)

Clay asks Claire to shut down the task force, but she doesn’t want to. Caleb butts in and offers to help. Clay is not down for that. Is it because he knows Caleb’s trouble or he knows Caleb will inevitably get close to Shelby? I think the latter. Caleb manages to push Clay over the edge and they fight.

When Shelby, Alex, and Raina get to Cleveland, Miranda is there! She knows right away what the Powderpuff Girls of Quantico are doing there, and it’s not to just help man the phones. This is Miranda’s last chance to save her career, and she can’t afford these girls going rogue. Miranda also immediately picks up on the fact that Nimah is actually Raina. Alex and Shelby are shocked that Raina didn’t think she could trust them.

The trio doesn’t listen to Miranda whatsoever. They do a deep dive into the jurors. One of the jurors reveals that Judge Caplan is pushing them towards a guilty verdict. They’re getting ready to follow up on the threat made by Judge Caplan when Miranda stops them. At her core, she knows they’re right, so she lets them move forward. When confronted, Judge Caplan reveals the collaborators threatened to ruin his life if the case didn’t end in a guilty verdict.

Clay Saves The Day

Meanwhile, Clay meets with Felix and Rourke, the Speaker of the House. Clay *supposedly* wants to work with Rourke not against him. Rourke unveils his entire vision to Clay. He doesn’t believe in a two-party system. He basically wants the elected leaders to lead and not give the people much of a voice at all a.k.a. a dictatorship. Clay asks him why he won’t let Claire lead. Rourke would have no problem with Claire if she’d been elected. To help bridge the gap between the parties and eventually eliminate them, he asks Clay to come work for him. Yeah, right.

A masked man finds his way into the bunker. He’s trying to get his hands on the information the task force has uncovered. Owen attacks the guy, and it gets nasty. The man takes a power cord and nearly strangles Owen. But Owen gets the final punch just as Ryan walks in. This man turns out to be SEBASTIAN! “You don’t know who you’re up against,” Sebastian tells Owen and Ryan. Harry ran after Sebastian warned him of the danger ahead.

Sebastian has been trying to find the collaborators just like the task force. They’re on the same side. He gives Owen and Ryan the names of the other 4 collaborators, and they give him 2 names in return. Sebastian convinces them to let him go, and he promises to let them know if he finds anything else.

The verdict is in, and the defendant is found guilty on all counts. The trio prepares for a riot. Rourke arrives just in time because he totally knew what was going to happen. He wants to save the day and get the people on his side. But Clay Haas isn’t going to lose again. He swoops in to save the day. He has Claire come to Cleveland to speak to the citizens. She openly admits that she made a mistake, but vows to make things better in a powerful speech written by Clay. She stops the riots from ever happening. Take that, Rourke! After his epic fail, Rourke threatens Felix. If he doesn’t find out what Clay is up to, he’ll get deported.

Up In Flames

The team returns home, and Shelby finds her way to Clay’s place. I love Shelby, but the girl is thirsty! Clay admits he nearly shut down the task force because of his own fear. Shelby goes on and on about how inspiring he is. “Thank you for not leaving us,” she says. “We need you.” The flirt is real between these two. Their moment is interrupted when Caleb walks in. He ushers Shelby out so he can have a little chat with her.

“Look, you are right,” he says. “Clay’s struggling but not with work. Only you. Whatever it is that’s happening between you two, you have to stop it. Or I swear I will make your life a living hell.” OMG! While Caleb is being harsh, he deserves to be. Shelby is practically throwing herself at his brother!

Alex and Owen hit the bar after a long day. “You know what’s odd?” Alex tells Owen. “I trust you.” Alex rarely trusts anyone. Everyone, including Harry, Ryan, Raina, and Shelby, have all lied to her at some point. But not Owen. “Alex Parrish, if we’re being honest with each other, I never really liked you at all,” he confesses. That has clearly changed.

Sasha’s key that she gave Ryan? Yeah, Ryan finds a bug on it. This girl is doing too much digging. Ryan goes to see her to sort things out, but Sasha’s running down a lead. She swears she’s on his side and will explain everything when she gets back. But there won’t be another time. When Sasha gets to her car, it bursts into flames. Sasha is dead and gone. Ryan has to watch the girl he may or may not have started to care for go up in flames. RIP, Sasha.

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