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‘Girls’ Finale Recap: Hannah Becomes A Mother & The Struggle Is Real

Sun, April 16, 2017 11:05pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

Hannah gives birth in the series finale of ‘Girls,’ but even motherhood can’t make this girl grow up. Even with Marnie’s help, Hannah doesn’t have the easiest time embracing being a mother. Thankfully, Hannah’s mom shows up to put everything into perspective.

Marnie shows up at Hannah’s new place upstate. She wants to help Hannah raise her baby. Adam said the same thing, but that didn’t work out, so Hannah’s a little skeptical. Marnie makes a good point that none of Hannah’s friends are here, but she is.

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“I win,” Marnie says, “I’m your best friend… I love you the most.” Marnie’s got that crazy look in her eyes, so Hannah can’t say anything other than yes to what Marnie wants.

Flash forward to 5 months later, Hannah has given birth a baby boy named Grover. Why, Hannah, why? That name is just god-awful. Marnie is still around and basically Grover’s second mother. Hannah can’t get a good handle on breastfeeding or motherhood in general. Meanwhile, Marnie makes everything look easy.

Hannah, feeling like a total failure, lashes out at Marnie. She tells Marnie that she feels very “objectified” by her. Yes, Marnie is overbearing as hell, but she’s literally helping Hannah. Hannah should be getting on her knees and thanking Marnie.

A Desperately Needed Reality Check

Marnie decides to take a night off. But if Hannah is miserable, everyone else has to be miserable. Just before Marnie’s about to go out, Hannah hands her Grover. Marnie calls Hannah’s mom for help. Once again, Hannah attacks Marnie and calls her immature. She claims Marnie has been judging her and bullying her for months.

If you’re a Hannah fan, I’m really sorry. She is the worst person on the planet. Hannah is the epitome of a woman-child. Some women aren’t meant to be mothers, and Hannah Horvath is one of them.

Bless Hannah’s mom for giving her daughter a reality check. Hannah having Grover was Hannah’s decision, not anyone else’s. She has no one to blame but herself for how things have turned out. She basically tells Hannah to stop complaining and focus on Grover. He doesn’t hate her. She’s rejecting him because she feels he’ll reject her. “You are all he has,” Hannah’s mom says. “No one said this was going to be easy.”

Hannah grumbles that her mom never told her it would be this hard. Does anyone really need to tell a woman that motherhood is going to be hard? You literally push a human being out of a small hole in your body, and you think it’s going to get easier, Hannah? You’re smarter than this.

On Her Own

After catching Marnie masturbating, Hannah’s mom gets real with her. “Are you happy here?” she asks. “I mean, yeah. Sure,” Marnie says. She believes she doesn’t need to be happy right now because it’s not “her time.”

“Hannah and Grover can’t do this by themselves,” Marnie continues. “They need me.” Maybe so, but Hannah’s mom tells Marnie that she deserves to be happy, too. Having a child was Hannah’s decision, not hers. Marnie begins to think about the future — her future.

Instead of being with her child and trying to bond with him, Hannah goes on a long walk to pout some more. She sees a girl running out of a house in her underwear. She’s running away because her mom was forcing her to finish her homework. This is the moment Hannah’s motherly instincts magically kick in. I can’t believe this show wasted over 5 minutes with this scene and deprived us of Jessa, Shoshanna, Adam, Elijah, and Ray. Hannah returns home after this ridiculous run-in. Grover finally latches onto her boob, and Hannah realizes that she can do this on her own. After 6 seasons, this is how Girls ends. Yes, really. Raise your hand if your expectations weren’t even close to being met. I know the end of the finale was supposed to symbolize Hannah going from a girl to a woman, but I just hoped for so much more.

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