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Date Or Dump: Is Your New BF Worth Keeping Around — Quiz

Thu, March 30, 2017 2:28pm EDT by Add first Comment

Relationships are tricky. A fresh new romance is exhilarating and fun, but, it’s also like a guessing game. Questions may arise, like: Is this worth it?; What’re we really doing?; Should I end this?. So, take our quiz to see if it’s time to move on, or stay right where you are…

Relationships — They’re so exciting and fulfilling, but they’re also one of the hardest things in the world. They actually require effort… Yes, such a burden, right?… Oh, STOP! Nothing worth having ever came easy, guys!

New relationships are super tricky, though. It’s a time where you’re kind of questioning a lot of things, because you obviously need time to assess the intentions of your significant other and where the relationship is even going. I

There are certain red flags when it comes to whether or not a relationship is serious, a hookup, or casual.. but on its way to something, maybe. Now, we’re no relationship experts, but there are a few obvious things that we can tell you that may be a sign to run, fast.

If your man never talks about real life or feelings [dare we say the F word], then we’re not too sure how far it’s going to go. But, then again, maybe you both are just having fun and it’s super casual.

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Now, if you’re relationship is still new, but he’s pulling out all of the stops to make you feel special, then this is looking good for you girl. Here’s an easy way to tell: If he’s not pulling the classic late-night text, if he’s not only contacting on the weekends, and if he’s actually asking about what’s going on in your life, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

But, everyone’s different. So, that’s why, if you’re questioning whether to stay or go, then take our quiz to find out the fate of your future love life. These questions should help you assess your feelings. Hopefully, after taking the quiz, you will figure out where your relationship stands.

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