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‘Quantico’ Boss Teases ‘Dangerous’ Eps Ahead, Talks Shelby & Clay’s ‘Chemistry’ & More

Mon, March 20, 2017 11:05pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

‘Quantico’ returned from a month-long episode with a bang. chatted EXCLUSIVELY with showrunner Josh Safran about what’s ahead for Alex and the rest of the task force, what’s going on between Clay and Shelby, Caleb’s return and more!

How big of a threat is this reporter who’s uncovered Ryan’s true identity?
I don’t know if I would say Sasha’s a threat. She definitely knows stuff, but I think she and Ryan might actually be after the same thing and may find that they work better together than apart.

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There’s a ton of tension between Owen & Alex — will these two hash it out?
I think Alex is probably more tied to Owen in the back nine than she is to Ryan. I don’t mean romantically, I just mean in episode 16 Alex tries to discuss what it means when you’re a little bit set apart from your team because you might have a skill that they don’t have or you might be the leader or the teacher or you might be sort of the number one, basically. In regards to Alex, I think they might have a connection in that way which can be used to be explored in the back nine. But they definitely still have some issues to work through, which they can continue to work through throughout the remaining episodes.

Clay and Shelby reach a truce, will they grow closer and will he be able to really trust her?
I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to trust her, but I do think that the two of them… it’s very fraught between them. We talked to Johanna [Braddy] and Hunter [Parrish] about the fact that, for both of them, if they had met 4 years ago in the show’s timeline before she had ever met Caleb, they would probably be the best couple ever. But there’s just too much between them to ever allow that to happen, so we’re really looking at sort of an unrequited, I wouldn’t say an unrequited love, but I would say an unrequited connection between them. It can never happen and yet it feels like it should happen. They’re sort of dealing with that, and you’ll meet Maxine, Clay’s fiancee, in episode 16, played by Krysta Rodriguez. She’s in the show for a bit, so you’ll see Maxine is a great person and a great fit for Clay. It’s not like a romantic triangle, where Shelby is the right one for him. It really is more about that fact that there’s a parallel universe out there where they are an amazing couple, to paraphrase what is that Singles?… They definitely have chemistry and they both recognize that they have that chemistry. But, yes, they can’t go there. Although, it will be hard to not go there.

How dangerous is this work going to get with the task force?
You see there’s a casualty at the end of episode 15. It’ll get pretty dangerous. That’s not the only death. People die.

Nimah is clearly feeling a lot of guilt about the G20 summit. How is she going to be dealing with that?
It’s not something that goes away easily. She really has to work through her issues. She definitely has to work on her sister, and I think that’s sort of the biggest piece of the puzzle and that might be the impossible.

Caleb is returning. What can you say about how he’s going to react to Shelby and Clay working together?
Caleb will be joining the show in the near future. He’s definitely going to have a point of view on it and definitely going to enjoy making both his brother and his ex-girlfriend squirm.

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