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‘The Arrangement’ Recap: Megan & Kyle’s Romance Hits A Serious Low Point

Sun, March 19, 2017 11:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

This is not a good time for Megan Morrison. The March 19 episode of ‘The Arrangement’ featured Megan having to face a nude photo scandal. Plus, Kyle and Megan finally confess how they really feel about each other, but their romance ends up hitting an all-time low.

Kyle and Megan are still going strong. They are Hollywood’s most perfect couple. Too bad their honeymoon phase is cut short. Right before the couple is about to talk at a charity event, everyone in the room gets a blast about nude photos of Megan that have leaked. Megan has no idea what’s going on until Shaun pulls her aside. Needless to say, Megan is mortified.

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Flashback to before the party, Megan is worried about closing the deal on her movie with Kyle. The party isn’t just about the charity, it’s about connecting Megan with directors and producers. Megan brings Shaun and Hope along to the party, and Megan hopes she can get Hope the connections she needs to get her big break. Hope doesn’t make a great first impression with one of the directors.

One of the studio execs involved with The Kill Plan, Adam, wants to drop Megan from the movie, even though the deal is basically already done. He doesn’t think she’s big enough. He’s trying to launch a franchise and make major bucks. He tells Terrence his thoughts and you can see the wheels turning in his head.

Adam talks to Kyle and Deann about nixing Megan. Kyle reveals that he’s on Team Megan all the way. He’s the one who puts the people in the seats. It shouldn’t matter about Megan. Before he walks away, he makes sure to tell Deann, Terrence, and Adam: “If you don’t put her in the movie, there isn’t going to be a movie.” BOOM.

Not surprisingly, the deal closes. Terrence, who’s totally anti-Megan, tries to get under Kyle’s skin. He warns that if the movie is a flop, everyone will know that Kyle tanked a movie to get his girlfriend a part. That isn’t good for Kyle’s image.

The Getaway Plan

Hope gets drunk after her lack of success with the director. Before she can royally embarrass Megan, Kyle pulls her aside and gets her a car. She’s so bold that she tries to make a move on Kyle. He doesn’t go for it whatsoever.

The nude photos of Megan leak, and she immediately thinks it was Nick. Terrence is not happy that Megan’s messed up once again. Even though The Kill Plan has closed, there’s a clever morality clause coming into play now. The rumor is that Megan leaked the photos to get publicity.

To get Megan’s mind off the nude photo leak, Kyle takes her to his secret getaway, which is a cabin in the middle of the woods. He says he comes to the cabin when life gets too tough. There’s no internet or cell service. They’re completely cut off from the world. Kyle advises Megan not to beat herself up too much about the photos. Life will move on. Nothing is ever as permanent as it seems.

Deann and Leslie meet to talk about Megan. Talk about two strong women going toe-to-toe. Leslie wants to spin the narrative and place all the blame on Nick. “Why leak the photos if you don’t want to make the most of them?” she asks Deann. She thinks Deann leaked the photos, but Deann isn’t that shady. So who the hell did?

Taking Your Power Back

While Megan and Kyle are making out, she notices something’s up. “You’re not here and I can feel it,” she tells him. Kyle doesn’t want to talk — about anything. He shuts her out and that frustrates the heck out of Megan. She snaps at him and he leaves. Megan goes after him — like an idiot — in the middle of the woods. She apologizes for pushing him, and Kyle decides to open up.

He admits the pictures got to him, but not for the reasons we’re all thinking. He’s scared of losing Megan. He doesn’t just want to end up with photos and a bunch of feelings. More than anything, Kyle wants this to last with Megan. That’s when they both say “I love you” for the first time. My heart is melting.

Megan decides to make a statement in the midst of scandal. She’s not afraid of anyone seeing her naked. She’s confident and proud. Instead of just taking a new naked photo of herself, Kyle poses completely nude with her! YAS.

When Kyle and Megan go back to Los Angeles, Kyle confronts Terrence. He thinks Terrence leaked the photos. While Terrence fully admits that he hasn’t been sold on Megan, he didn’t leak anything. Now that he knows he can’t do anything about Kyle and Megan, he tells Kyle that he supports their relationship. Yeah, right.

Kygan = Not Doing So Hot

Kyle and Megan prep for an interview to talk about the nude photos. Just when they’re about to go out, Leslie discovers that Megan is getting replaced in The Kill Plan. Naturally, Megan freaks out. The worst thing about it all is that Kyle knew about it. You can practically feel the rage radiating off of Deann. This is not what she wanted. Kyle tries to convince Megan that this is for the best, but she’s pissed and not buying it.

“How do you just change your mind like that?” Megan asks. She throws everyone for a loop when she still wants to do the interview. She puts on quite the show. After the interview is over, Megan walks out without saying a word, but there are tears in her eyes.

Oh, in case you wanted to know, HOPE leaked the photos because she’s a terrible, jealous friend. Deann goes to see Megan after The Kill Plan drama. She wants Megan to know that they’re not always just going to be the women behind the men. “That’s going to change,” she says. “I promise.”

Raise your hand if you think Deann is a total badass? (Raises hand.)

The episode ends with Terrence getting questioned about that therapist who was sleeping with Kyle. Apparently, she’s missing. Kyle keeps calling Megan, but she refuses to answer his calls. Is Kygan doomed?! Definitely not. After all, there’s still that contract!

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