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‘Scandal’ Recap: [SPOILER] Shot Frankie Vargas On Election Night

Thu, March 16, 2017 10:19pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

The person who pulled the trigger on Frankie Vargas was revealed on the March 16 episode of ‘Scandal,’ and it’s not who you’re thinking. Plus, a new (nicer) side of Rowan we’ve never seen before was unveiled.

If you thought Rowan was incapable of love like a normal human being, think again. Flashing back to before the election, Rowan reconnects with a former flame named Sandra. Even after all these years, these two still have a thing for each other. Sandra is literally Rowan’s perfect match. I’ve never seen two people happier talking about dinosaurs. DINOSAURS.

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She asks him to help her with her work. He quickly accepts her offer. While working in her office, he notices a camera. There’s also that woman who confronted him last week, she’s undercover as a employee of Sandra’s. Since Rowan is Rowan, he has Sandra investigated by Paul, who we also know as Nelson McClintock. She comes up clean, but the collector is sketchy. This collector doesn’t exist.

In the midst of all this, Olivia goes to Rowan to vent about the election. She needs her dad to pep her up to do what she knows she has to do: split Mellie and Marcus up. Rowan does that and then some. He calls Mells “weak” and “undisciplined.” He adds, “I raised a warrior.” He stressed that love is weakness, and Olivia needs to have her eyes on the prize. “Don’t you ever get lonely?” she says with tears in her eyes.

Later, once Rowan is aware that someone is watching him, he runs to Olivia’s apartment. He looks around her apartment but only notices a black car outside that’s been there for a while.

Rowan doesn’t waste any time confronting Sandra about being watched. He pulls her into a room and puts a gun to her throat. She swears she doesn’t know anything except that they want him. “They’re everywhere,” she quivers. Rowan meets with a super secretive trio. He threatens to kill them, but they’re on his level. They play dirty. They want Mellie in the White House and threaten both Olivia and Sandra to get Rowan to comply with their demands.

Rowan has Adam rig the voter machines in San Benito County to make sure Mellie wins the election. Unfortunately, Olivia catches wind of this. She’s furious that he’s trying to ruin her chances at a clean run. However, she undid it, which leaves Rowan fuming. He now has to find another way to ensure Mellie wins, but the stakes are getting too high. He asks Sandra to run away with him, but she refuses. She wants to stay here where her life is.

With two days before the election, Rowan is almost out of options. He wants Paul to re-rig the machines, but it’s too late. That crazy girl — Sarah? — shows back up to get Rowan up to speed on what he must do. She wants him to kill Frankie Vargas when he takes the stage and frame Cyrus for his murder. Before she goes, she leaves Rowan with this: “For the record, I am the one who is going to give you nightmares.” Rowan gives Paul the gun and asks for information on Jennifer Fields, but asks that he await his instructions.

Another Side

It’s election night, but we’re now seeing another side to it that we’ve not seen before. Rowan knocks out a Secret Service agent and walks through the tunnels to the stage beneath Frankie. I’ve never seen him do so much work. He points the gun at Frankie, but he encounters a moment of weakness. He bucks up real quick and shoots Frankie three times. Papa Pope is ruthless. He looked Frankie right in the eye when he pulled the trigger.

With Frankie dead, Rowan thinks his work with these people is done. But the guy wants to do more deals. The guy thinks he’s found Rowan’s weakness in Sandra. He truly thinks he’s got Rowan by the balls. That’s when Rowan takes out the same gun he used to kill Frankie and shoots Sandra in the head.

“You people always think you’re better than us,” he seethes. “I have no weaknesses. No one owns me.”

No one may own Rowan, but he’s compromised big time. Sarah threatens to put a bullet in Olivia’s head if Rowan doesn’t keep working with them. She says that the real work doesn’t begin until Cyrus is in jail and Mellie’s in the White House. What in the heck are these people planning? To protect his daughter, the only person he has left that he loves, he lies to Olivia’s face about Frankie and plants the seeds in her brain to frame Cyrus.

I will be completely honest and say I did NOT think Rowan would have been the one to pull the trigger. I thought it was going to be anyone else BUT him. He never gets his hands dirty. Boy, was I wrong!

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