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‘Arrow’ Recap: Prometheus Kidnaps Oliver & Finally Reveals The Game He’s Playing

Wed, March 15, 2017 9:16pm EDT by Add first Comment

Adrian Chase shows his true, crazy colors and sends Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow for a loop.

This week, Arrow opens scenically. Oliver is hiking to find an address with “Demon” in the name (nbd) and Curtis is on the comms. As it turns out, Felicity isn’t answering Curtis’ texts. Oliver enters the building on top of the mountain, looking for “her” and is then attacked by her students.

Oliver confronts Talia about training Prometheus– she says he killed his father and hers. Reveals that she’s Talia al Ghul. Talia does end up telling him who Prometheus is because she wants Oliver to suffer. She tells him it’s Chase.

Felicity is getting a tour of Helix from Alena. It’s cool to Felicity, until she realizes the wide scale of illegal things that are happening. But, is once again seduced by the notion that she and Helix can “change the world.”

Oliver walks into Chase’s meeting and asks to see him in his office. Chase is playing games with him– asks if he’s tired, or if he’s been asleep this whole time. Ouch.

Green Arrow confronts chase in the parking garage. Chase tells him he’s done everything he’s wanted so far. Chase is creepy as hell in a deliciously entertaining way. Basically, he has our big green guys shook. Oh, and he tells Oliver he has Susan, but so long as he stays alive, she stays alive. But like, who even cares about Susan?

The team is freaking out over Chase being Prometheus. Oliver blames himself for trusting Chase and then inquires as to Felicity’s whereabouts. Diggle is worried but Oliver says that Prometheus’ game is Susan, not Felicity. Digg says… “Uh, for now, you dummy.” Or, not exactly that, but close. Then Oliver tells them they need to get Susan back, blah blah blah…

The team goes to Prometheus’ mother’s house (Which I’m pretty sure is Joe West’s house). Dinah and Curtis happen upon a TV screen of Susan being tortured. Prometheus is eating this up. Chase is being bold af in the mayor’s office, telling Rene and Quentin he’s glad things are out in the open. They threaten one another and Chase walks away.

Oliver and Diggle goes to Chase’s apartment and Oliver runs into his wife. He tells him he’s the Throwing Star Killer. The SWAT team comes in saying they got a call from Chase. Oliver uses a trick arrow to escape, obvs. Because that’s literally what he always does.

Felicity runs in in the nick of time. Like, just as soon as Diggle tells Oliver he was lonely so he got with Susan.(I see what ya did there, Arrow powers that be. And I like it. A lot). Oliver tells her he’s worried about her, because he damn well should be. Felicity is visibly touched by his concern (same, girl) but tells him it’s not the right time to talk about what he can sense is going on with her. She implores him to trust her and changes the topic instantly because she has news: Adrian Chase isn’t Prometheus’ real name. It’s Simon Morrison.

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Oliver makes a statement to the news about the break in at Chase’s apartment, saying he won’t let anyone terrorize the city and demands the Green Arrow turn himself in within 24 hours. Oliver goes to Pike with information Felicity found on Chase AKA Morrison.

Felicity watches the Susan torture footage at Helix and tries to track where it’s coming from. Alena stops her first and tells her that Helix is asking what she’s doing for them, exactly. Felicity gets it. She’s cool with it. Except, you know, Helix is basically asking her to commit treason (I think. I should brush up on my legal knowledge). Regardless, it’s shady and illegal as hell.

Oliver rushes to the hospital because Pike was hurt– Quentin tells him he’s comatose. He also shows him that Chase is there in the room. Oliver walks in and tells him that he won’t let him hurt anyone else. Tells him Susan is fine and that his team will find her. Oliver tells him that once they get her, he’s going to put an arrow through his heart. Chase brings up all of his losses and puts it on his shoulders to mess with his head. And it… kind of works.

Oliver starts destroying the lair. Yes, the one they just had to clean up after it was nearly destroyed last May.

Felicity hacks a Homeland Security drone and Curtis is NOT happy about it when he figures it out. She sorta kinda confesses what she’s been doing with Helix without totally giving it away and her pal is totally scandalized. Because, um, Felicity might be looking at some hard time for getting involved in this. *Gulps*

Oliver asks Diggle if he’s actually changing for the better. (I’d say no). He tells Diggle that all his close connections make him vulnerable. Diggle says caring about people makes him human. Oliver says maybe that’s not a luxury he gets to have. Felicity calls– she knows where Susan is. Before they go to save her, Oliver tells Diggle they need to play by Chase’s game and he knows what makes him vulnerable.

The team sets out to a big, creepy abandoned building to find Susan. Dinah and Wild Dog run into a bomb and get trapped in a room after it explodes.

Oliver finds Susan, frees her from the chair and tells her to go to safety. He gets off where Prometheus is waiting for him. He tells him he’s glad Talia told him. He likes the honesty. They face off in a battle of wits, and Prometheus thinks he’s won until Diggle brings his wife in.

Prometheus is shaken– until he stabs his wife because he’s completely and utterly cray. Oliver attacks him and the two battle it out. Talia shoots Oliver just when it’s come to a standstill.

When the team gets down to where they are, Oliver is gone– it appears that Chase and Talia have taken him. They get back to the lair and tell a clearly upset Felicity that Oliver is taken. In turn, she tells them that Chase’s wife died on the way to the hospital but that Susan is safe at SCPD with Quentin. Dinah tells her that she found Susan, so she can find Oliver (unaware of exactly how she did it) and she agrees. She goes to Helix and Curtis tries to stop her to no avail.

Felicity is at Helix hacking away, as she explains what she’s doing, Alena makes sure she knows she owes them a debt for their help once again. It’s clear Felicity is starting to feel the weight of what she’s doing, but she’s too concerned about Oliver to let up.

Chase and Talia are holding Oliver. Oliver asks what game they’re playing, and he tells him he’s going to help him discover who he really is.

HollywoodLifers, are you creeped out by Adrian Chase? Because, I totally am.