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‘A Day Without A Woman’ Protest In NYC: Chants, Tears & Powerful Speeches

Wed, March 8, 2017 6:51pm EDT by Add first Comment

March 8, 2017 — A historical day for women who protested and marched in cities all across the globe to fight against President Donald Trump’s policies on abortion, and much more. was EXCLUSIVELY at the NYC protest to give you a first-hand look into the raw emotions of ‘A Day Without A Woman.’

After the insane success of the Women’s March on Washington, Jan. 21, the individuals behind the massive movement set out to send President Donald Trump, 70, another message on March 8 with the “A Day Without A Woman” protest. People from 50 cities around the globe flocked to march for women’s rights, and was EXCLUSIVELY in the middle of the gathering in NYC. You can also get a first hand at protest by checking out our attached gallery!

The purpose of “A Day Without A Woman” was to recognize the value of women of all backgrounds who add to society, all while “receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity,” the official protest site explained. The march is also to fight for gender justice.

In order to fully participate in the protest, women took the day off from work, they avoided shopping — with the exception of small businesses owned by women — and, they wore red in solidarity with “A Day Without A Woman.”

The protest — specifically held on International Women’s Day — was a march filled with strength, power, tears, chants, and people of all ages, including men! We were right in the midst of it all in NYC when we heard chants about abortion and reproductive rights, immigrants, Trump’s travel ban, Planned Parenthood, and more.

Emotions ran high on the NYC streets and EXCLUSIVELY spoke to numerous protesters from college students to working adults. One young millennial that we were impressed with was Sarah Finkelstein, 26, from Brooklyn. A big reason she chose to protest was for women’s reproductive rights. “I feel that it’s nobody’s place to tell me how I need to run my own body,” she said. “I feel that having this group of males telling me how I can treat my body is completely unjust and I’m just not about it!” We’re with you Sarah!

In case you didn’t know, Trump is against women’s rights to have abortions, and wants to defund Planned Parenthood. If the president gets his way, women all across the globe could lose adequate healthcare.

We caught up with an inspiring male, Rodrigo Sanchez, 36, [you can check out his interview, above. We were very thrilled to see him getting in on the women’s protest, and fighting for the quality of women. Not only was he there to fight for women’s reproductive rights, but he also there for the women closest to him. “I’m sure if you heard someone say the things Trump has said about your mother, your sister, anyone in your family, you would probably not appreciate that. So, that’s another reason why I’m here,” he explained. Wow!

Both Sarah and Rodrigo have both made it a point to take their protesting a step further. Sarah has taken to social media to tweet out her support of women’s rights. She’s even sent postcards to various senators. Rodrigo has done more than his part to spread the word about women’s rights and the fight against Trump’s policies on abortion, reproductive rights and his travel ban against pre-dominantly muslim countries. “I’m part of a couple of groups and organizations,” he told us. We’ve sent postcards. I’m part of the Democratic Socialists of America. The others are just small local groups and they’re just friends and we’re creating resistance groups, just trying to get the word out, trying to have conversations.” Amazing!

March For Women in London — PICS

Another inspiring protest we spoke to was Noor, an intelligent college student at Parsons, who’s actually from Egypt [and, you can check out her interview, above]. She was marching for more than the American people. “I just wanted to march on behalf of not just America, but it is International Women’s Day, and I grew up in a society where there is no such thing as equal rights… I think it’s important for us to voice that concern about the fact that we don’t have equal rights. It’s not even near equal rights, which is why I like coming to things like participating in these events.” Talk about an inspiration!

Some protesters were dressed in white pants with fake blood stains all over them to represent the actions women had to take in the past to get abortions when they didn’t have access to healthy medical care. They carried hangers covered in blood — an ancient tactic women used to perform as an alternative to an abortion. “This [hanger] is because of the times when women had to use coat hangers for abortion because there wasn’t a safe legal way. So these are to represent that,” one protester yelled to us as she marched on.

We witnessed protesters crying because of their strong feelings about the rights they deserve. Some protesters stood on the streets in awe because they couldn’t believe they had to protest at age 24, and 36. The protests were peaceful, but the energy was high. What impressed us the most was the fact that women and men of all ages participated in the historical day!

HollywoodLifers, were you marching in your city? Tell us what you’ve done to support the movement, below!