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What Will Your Soulmate Love The Most About You? — Quiz

Thu, March 2, 2017 3:06pm EDT by Add first Comment

When it comes to meeting, ‘the one,’ there’s always ‘something’ someone’s looking for. Whether it’s a bubbly sense of humor, a determined work ethic, or a passionate personality, there’s usually that one special thing that someone can’t get enough of! SO, what’s your special trait? Take our quiz to find out what your soulmate will love the most about you!

Dating — it’s one of the hardest games in the entire world, but we all play it anyway. The end goal is to usually meet someone who’s your life partner and someone who’s the love of your life. What makes the dating game so fun, is the fact that everyone’s so different. Some people gravitate towards funny people, while others are driven to people who are nurturing and caring. So, what is it about you that your soulmate will be attracted to? Find out by taking our quiz, above! And, speaking of love… Selena, 24, and The Weeknd‘s, 27, relationship [below] is total goals!

Are you the funny one? — If so, your lighthearted nature and laid back personality could be the reason that you will lock down “the one.” An incredible sense of humor is a major factor for some people when it comes to being involved romantically. The ability to be funny allows will lighten up any room, and it’s definitely something that will make you to stand out.

Are you the go-getter type? — Determined, hardworking and driven are three words that describe you, aren’t they? Some people can only date others who have a good head on their shoulders, a killer work ethic and a never-quit attitude. Independence is an important part of being able to separate yourself from others, and it’s definitely a feature that catches people’s eyes!

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Are you full of compassion? — Whether it’s advice to a friend, comforting your man, or just holding the door open for someone, you love to take care of things, nurture others, and be there for people. The fact that you put your heart and soul into everything is a desirable thing when it comes to attracting a significant other. If you can love with your whole heart, people will feel safe, and your soulmate just may be looking for that.

Nonetheless, like we said, everyone’s different! Take our quiz, above, to see what YOUR soulmate will love the most about you!

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