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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Final Season: Marlene King Teases ‘Relatable’ Uber A & More Scoop

Thu, March 2, 2017 10:44am EDT by Avery Thompson 3 Comments

You ask a ‘PLL’ question, and Marlene King will answer. The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ creator took to Twitter to answer some fan questions and spilled a few juicy spoilers! From Uber A’s ‘real human story’ to a Spoby moment, here’s what Marlene is spilling.

A fan asked PLL creator Marlene King on Twitter why the revelation of AD/Uber A will be sad for some people. Marlene responded: “Because every villain has a real human story. The best villains are relatable people. In my humble opinion.”

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Essentially, it sounds like the show is going to try and humanize Uber A like it did with Charlotte. We’re going to have to hear this explanation first before getting on board. Let’s face it, Uber A is a pretty bad person regardless of his/her story.

Another fan asked if Marlene would ever kill off one of the main Liars for shock value. Thankfully, Marlene answered that question very quickly and said she wouldn’t. Whew!

For all the Spoby fans out there, you’re going to get some scenes between the pair right off the bat when the show returns for its final 10 episodes on April 18. “They have scenes together in the first episode,” she tweeted about Spoby.

The last time we saw Toby he’d gotten into a bad car accident with his fiancee, Yvonne. Things don’t look good for him, but we know that Toby does survive the crash. Before the accident, Toby and Spencer gave hope to Spoby shippers everywhere when they shared a sweet goodbye kiss. The kiss proved Spoby is far from over. talked to Marlene EXCLUSIVELY about the final season, and she admits that this is the right time to end the series. “I feel like it’s time to say goodbye,” she told us. “It’s the right time.”

She added; “It feels like it’s special enough that it’ll find another life somewhere. It’s supposed to be over, it’s the right time, and hopefully it’s a satisfying ending. I hope most people will be very happy, and I think they will.”

HollywoodLifers, who do you think Uber A is? Let us know!