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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Shocking Fan Theory IDs Uber A As Lucas — Watch

Tue, February 21, 2017 1:20pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

Need your ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fix? No worries. A new theory is sweeping the web that claims LUCAS is Uber A. After seeing this evidence, you’re going to flip. Watch the video and decide for yourself!

There are a lot of Pretty Little Liars theories out there about the identity of Uber A, and this one may convince you that Lucas is the one behind it all. YouTuber G_xoxo thinks Lucas is Uber A and compiled a nearly 30-minute video to explain why.

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The theory says that A.D. started torturing the Liars right around the time Lucas strolled back into town. Lucas came back rich and is currently making even more money on gaming apps. G_xoxo notes that Uber A uses electronics to get message the Liars, and Lucas is highly-skilled in all of that.

The YouTube also points out that Lucas could be a Drake and Spencer’s twin! According to snaps the PLL cast took while filming 7×20, Brendan Robinson was on set. The theorist believes this could be significant. Uber A will be revealed in the show’s series finale. There’s so much more evidence that G_xoxo reveals in the video, but this is the basic gist: Lucas could be Uber A!

If Lucas is Uber A, Hanna will be crushed. He would have done so much right under her nose! Then again, a lot has gone down at the apartment Lucas gave Hanna…

Pretty much everyone has been speculated to be Uber A, including Spencer. This Lucas theory makes a whole lot of sense, though! No matter who turns out to be Uber A, it’s going to be absolutely shocking. All will be revealed soon enough. Pretty Little Liars returns for its final 10 episodes on April 18.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Lucas is Uber A? Let us know!