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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Lydia Figures Out Why Sheriff Stilinski Can’t Remember Stiles

Tue, January 10, 2017 10:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 8 Comments

Sheriff Stilinski is finally ready to what Lydia has to say about Stiles. On the Jan. 10 episode of ‘Teen Wolf,’ Lydia and Stilinski have a heart-to-heart, Theo proves to be useful to the pack, and Peter is selfless for once!

Theo wakes up in the morgue. Creepy much? He hears a voice calling his name. It turns out to be his dead sister. Yeah, the one he KILLED! She pins him down and pulls his heart out of his chest. Suddenly, he wakes up from this awful nightmare. But he keeps reliving the nightmare in different ways over and over again. Each time, his heart gets yanked out of his chest. What does it all mean?!

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Well, over in the real world, Malia is straddling Theo and punching the daylights out of him. He repeats the same thing he said to his sister, “It’s OK. You don’t have to stop.” Scott and Liam pull her off of him. Scott swears Theo’s going back in the ground, but Liam makes a good point that Theo could help since he remembers Stiles.

One thing’s for sure, Theo does not want to go back in the ground. Maybe the opening scene is what happens when he’s in the ground?! Malia wants to kill him, but he might be the only option to stop the Wild Hunt. Scott understandably has some reservations about Theo. He doesn’t trust Theo at all, but Liam truly thinks they need Theo’s help to get Stiles back.

“We don’t have time for mistakes,” Scott says to Liam. “I can’t lose Stiles.” Oh my god. My heart.

The thing is, Theo can help. He knows where to find a transformer that can handle 5 billion jules of electricity. “I’ll tell you if Malia promises not to kill me,” Theo says, which is a fair trade.

The Room

Sheriff Stilinski takes a hint from Lydia and tears down the wall in his house and finds a door. He finds Stiles’ room completely empty. He knows this room means something. “Did you know about this room?” he asks Claudia. “Why was it sealed off?”

Claudia is super sketchy about the room. “What if this was his room? What if this means we had a son?” Sheriff Stilinski says. Claudia is not interested in finding out, but the Sheriff can’t leave it alone.

In order to keep Theo in line, Liam and Hayden keep him chained up. Hayden offers to be the bait to lure one of the Ghost Riders into the cage the gang has set up. The odds are against them, but they have to try.

Meanwhile, Peter is recovering in the hospital after escaping the hellhole where the Ghost Riders took Stiles. He has third degree burns all over his body. It is GNARLY. Malia is willing to go to Peter for help instead of trusting Theo. After agreeing to help, Mama McCall stabs him with a needle filled with the nine herbs. He starts vomiting and seizing. He literally SHEDS HIS SKIN.

Malia is determined to get Stiles’ back, no matter what it takes. “I think you need to admit you have an unhealthy attachment to Stiles,” Peter tells Malia. No, she just loves him. Malia knows that Peter didn’t just come through the portal with the Ghost Riders for himself. He wanted the pack to know about Stiles and Canaan, too.

Ready To Listen

Lydia believes she’s figured out the deal with Claudia after her experience in Canaan. She thinks Sheriff Stilinski is filling a void with Claudia, who is actually dead after all. Claudia is the one who is preventing Sheriff Stilinski from remembering Stiles.

Lydia goes to see Sheriff Stilinski in Stiles’ room. She sees Stiles’ bed, the board, and all of his things start to appear before her. But Sheriff Stilinski doesn’t see anything. He still doesn’t understand how Lydia knows about the room, but he’s ready to listen to what she has to say.

The pack lures one of the Ghost Riders into the electrical cage they’ve got set up. Theo even helps Scott when the gate gets stuck. Scott manages to get a hold of the Ghost Rider’s gun. Liam realizes something’s up. The Ghost Rider stops trying to get out. Uh oh.

Mason has an epiphany and figures out that the Ghost Rider was trying to communicate with Parrish at the party. Parrish will be able to talk to the Ghost Riders!

‘Because You Loved Him’

When Lydia starts to explain that Claudia isn’t real, Sheriff Stilinski freaks out. “She is a flesh and blood woman. She’s real,” he tries to convince himself. He doesn’t believe Lydia. “You’re afraid to remember him,” Lydia says, breaking my heart.

She sees Stiles’ jersey and helmet in the corner of the room. She touches the jersey and takes it in her hand. She smells his jersey, inhaling Stiles’ scent. A single tear falls from her cheek. I literally can’t deal with this. The thing is, Stilinski doesn’t see anything except a “deeply disturbed young woman.”

“You’re afraid to remember him because you’re afraid of what it means,” she cries. “Why do you care so much if I remember him?” he asks, with tears in his eyes. “Because you loved him,” Lydia says.

Lydia throws Stiles’ jersey and Stilinski catches it. HE REMEMBERS!!!!!!

The pack brings Parrish in to talk to the Ghost Rider. Apparently, the Hellhound is the key to getting everyone back. There’s no bargaining with the Ghost Riders, either. However, Scott’s willing to fight them to get everyone back.

Suddenly, Parrish transforms and steps over the mountain ash to set the Ghost Rider free! Scott and Liam use all of their strength to get Parrish away from the gate. Theo’s left inside and Mr. Douglas shows up out of nowhere. OMG, they know each other. Mr. Douglas has a German accent! He forces Theo to break the mountain ash barrier. Mr. Douglas and the Ghost Rider know each other as well. He takes a huge chunk out of the Ghost Rider’s head and eats the pineal gland. Gross.

Peter and Malia hear the Wild Hunt arriving. He tells her to run and leave him behind. Malia doesn’t understand why. “I’m saving you,” he tells her. THE LOOK IN HIS EYES! THAT’S LOVE!

When the pack goes back to talk to the Ghost Rider, Theo is sitting next to the dead Ghost Rider. They don’t believe him when he says Mr. Douglas was there. Mason notes that Theo couldn’t have killed the Ghost Rider because these pineal gland murders have been going on for weeks. Mr. Douglas took the Ghost Rider’s whip and comes across Corey. He uses the whip to make Corey disappear. Wait, now Mr. Douglas is a werewolf AND a Ghost Rider?!

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