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Justin Bieber Abandons His Sick Puppy Less Than 6 Months After Adoption

Wed, January 4, 2017 6:36pm EDT by 18 Comments

Aww, poor Todd. Justin Bieber has already given away the chow puppy he got less than 6 months ago, and the friend who adopted him from the singer is now reportedly stuck with a bill for a very expensive surgery. To find out more details, keep reading!

Remember Todd, the chow puppy Justin Bieber, 22, adopted less than six months ago? Well, the singer has already handed the dog over to a friend, according to TMZ, as Justin’s work schedule didn’t leave him any time to take care of a pet.

It seems like a reasonable excuse to get rid of a pet, but this is the FOURTH animal Justin has adopted and then gotten rid of. If you recall, he previously got rid of a hamster, a monkey and another dog. You’d think by now that he’d know better than to adopt another pet.

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And to top it all off, the dancer who adopted Todd from Justin found out the dog was born with severe hip dysplasia, and vets don’t believe he’ll be able to walk by age 1. There is hope, however, but it consists of a corrective surgery that will cost about $8,000, TMZ reports. So who’s paying for the surgery? Not Justin.

90 donors, including Jaden Smith, have sent money C.J. Salvador‘s way, but Justin hasn’t. C.J. told TMZ that Justin doesn’t know about the defect because he never told him. Apparently, he didn’t want to bother the “Sorry” singer.

To watch C.J.’s plea for donations, as well as a close-up shot of Todd, watch the video above!

HollywoodLifers, how do YOU feel about Justin Bieber abandoning another one of his pets? Should he stop adopting animals? Tell us below.