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Chad Johnson Recaps ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere, Defends ‘Villain’ Corinne — Weekly Blog

Tue, January 3, 2017 8:53am EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment

This season of ‘The Bachelor’ will feature weekly blogs by the one and only Chad Johnson. So, how’d he like the premiere?

Season 21 of The Bachelor is upon us and we are now forced to watch lifelong dating show contestant Nicholas Viall perma-smile and mumble his way through 30 hot lonely bachelorettes. I was a little nervous for the girls of this season, as nobody really knew what to expect from Nick.

He was the bad guy turned lovable goof on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise — which goes to show, if you really want to be liked on dating shows, befriend everyone and pursue nobody. 

That being said, he earned his place as the new Bachelor for cleaning up his act and repeatedly getting dumped on national television. Damn, if I knew sob stories worked, I might have played my cards a little differently. Anyways, the women begin to arrive one by one and I must say, there’s quite a lot of talent in this group… It’s an absolutely stunning cast of women. I can’t wait for Nick to turn down the hotties, so they can fight for me on Bachelor in Paradise.

Photos: Season 21 of The Bachelor

I don’t understand why, but the majority of women on this year’s season have decided to show up with dirty, corny, sex jokes. I’m thinking maybe the first night’s production budget was spent on renting that camel because basically 95 percent of the girls didn’t get cool props, they just got told “Meh, just make a corny sex joke.”

All in all, Nick was very reserved with the women and barely conveyed any informative or entertaining dialogue, just long, cheesy smiles and a bunch of “nice to meet you” lines. I get it. Bachelor Nation is extremely volatile and saying one wrong line can get you bashed on social media and hated forever, but it appears as though he’s starting the season in a psychological hazmat suit playing it overly safe.

The big highlights of the night were a girl showing up in a shark suit and insisting it was a dolphin while making hilarious dolphin noises, one girl revealed she had sex with Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, didn’t like Nick and wouldn’t give him her number, and then used this storyline to manipulate producers into getting herself on the show, while obviously having zero actual feelings for Nick as a person, and finally, the resident villain, Corinne Olympios. She is already hated by the women for doing exactly what you are supposed to do on a dating show… pursue the lead.

I found this first episode to be entertaining and yet uneventful. We were introduced to a huge crop of beautiful women, who can hopefully break out of their shell and create a good show. But I must say, between Nick planning every word out of his mouth and every girl playing it safe, I need some crazy to keep me coming back for more.

– Chad Johnson
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