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‘The Royals’ Recap: Robert’s Return Stirs Up Drama For Liam

Sun, January 1, 2017 11:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

Prince Robert is back, but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect again. On the Jan. 1 episode of ‘The Royals,’ Robert is welcomed back to the palace and catches up on everything, while Liam struggles with what to do about his relationship with Catherine.

The moment Robert walks into the palace, Eleanor can’t believe it. She faints and Helena follows right after Robert says, “Hello, mum.” When Eleanor wakes up, Robert is still there. He’s alive. Robert hugs his sister and his mother tightly.

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A very drunk Cyrus walks in and ruins the moment by telling Robert that his father is dead. Yeah, Robert missed a lot while he was gone.

Meanwhile, Liam is with Catherine. They are happy and in love, with absolutely no idea how much their lives are about to change. Jasper shows up out of the blue and tells him to get to the palace. Liam runs there and finds Robert. He can’t believe what he’s seeing. The gravity of the situation hits him when Robert goes in for a hug. This is going to throw a huge wrench in his relationship with Catherine.

The family tries to figure out how to handle the situation. Helena wants to keep a tight lid on the situation and control the narrative. Robert will go public at the press conference that was scheduled to reveal that Liam and Eleanor are biologically Simon’s children.

Catching Up

So much has changed while he was gone. After cutting off his gnarly beard, Robert watches the tape of his father’s death, along with every other news report on the royal family. He also catches a glimpse at the “Long Live King Liam” campaign.

Later, Eleanor freaks out about how Robert will react to Jaspenor. Liam advises Eleanor to be honest and open with Robert about everything. Eleanor apologizes to Jasper about not telling Robert about them straightaway. Jasper’s not quite sure who to be in front of Robert. His situation is complicated, to say the least. Robert walks into the library, and Jaspenor is so awkward about everything. But it’s cute. Robert intimidates the bejeezus out of Jasper.

Jasper can’t stop thinking about what Robert said about his “high standards” for Eleanor. She soothes his worries and they cuddle. God I LOVE THEM!

Robert brings Liam along to go see Catherine. Oh my GOD. They catch her as she’s walking out of her apartment. She looks back and forth between Robert and Liam completely shocked. The look on Liam’s face is pure devastation.

A Changed Man

Liam and Catherine don’t know what to do. They agree to stay away from each other and stop their relationship. But they just can’t.

The family comes together for the news conference. Helena confirms that Liam and Eleanor are indeed Simon’s children. Robert walks in after a reporter asks if Liam will be taking the throne. The press goes wild. He handles all the questions thrown at him beautifully.

However, Robert may seem OK on the outside, but he’s not. He’s been away 7 months, living alone on an island. That changes a man. Coming back to his old world isn’t easy. Will he be able to handle it all?

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