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‘Passengers’ Reviews: Critics Slam Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt’s New Movie

Thu, December 15, 2016 2:21pm EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

Nooo! The first reviews for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s ‘Passengers’ are out, and they’re not good. Critics are blasting the space romance as a total ‘disaster’. Check out the reviews and tell if you’re still going to see it!


Passengers refuses to really wrestle with the compelling questions at its core, instead opting to lean on Lawrence and Pratt’s collective charm to keep things ticking amiably along. The problem is, this isn’t an amiable story — it’s a philosophically thorny one, and aiming to keep things light doesn’t dilute any of its issues, it just dumbs the entire outing down. Titanic in space? No, but it’s certainly a disaster.”

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“There isn’t much to Passengers besides its one thin situation, and there are moments when the film could almost be “a very special episode of Star Trek,” because Pratt, with his golden-boy smirk, has a Kirkian side, and the voyage they’re on is grandiose yet amorphous (like the Enterprise’s). The ship itself has a variety of chambers and communal spaces, but it all seems overly familiar and sterile. What’s lackluster about Passengers isn’t just that the movie is short on surprise, but that it’s like a castaway love story set in the world’s largest, emptiest shopping mall in space.”

Entertainment Weekly

“The studio is positioning this new Chris Pratt-Jennifer Lawrence sci-fi flick as a sort of Adam-and-Eve riff on The Martian. Two passengers on a space ship headed to a distant colony called Homestead II are woken up 90 years before they should be. Something with their hibernation pods goes wrong and now they’re stranded together and alone. They have to figure out a way to survive – and if sparks fly while they’re hurtling through space, well, all the better. That’s the way the trailer makes it seem, at least.  And I’ll be honest, that’s a movie I’d kind of want to see. But that’s not what we get. Not even close. Passengers is way stupider than that.”

The Wrap

“Though a queasy mess as a love story, Passengers is gorgeous, with rich visual effects ranging from resplendent to amusing, and cinematography from Rodrigo Prieto (Silence) that’s never dull despite being mostly shipbound. In other words, as a big sci-fi entertainment, it hardly feels like a movie about the problems of two emotionally desperate people in a crazy situation, and therein lies the problem.”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! You could see Passengers and think it’s the best movie in the world! Passengers will hit theaters on Dec. 21.

HollywoodLifers, are you still going to see Passengers? Let us know!