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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Stiles Finds A Way To Connect With Lydia & Scott

Tue, December 13, 2016 10:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 28 Comments

The Dec. 13 episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ was a game-changer. Stiles was the center of the episode, and for good reason. Despite the odds stacked against him, Stiles found a way to make contact with Lydia and Scott. But did they remember him?!

Stiles is back and life is good! We haven’t seen him since the season 6 premiere, and my Stiles fuel was running seriously low. Stiles is at a train station, with people sitting around him not talking or moving. When he asks a doctor where she’s going, she can’t answer him. She has no memory of where she came from.

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Suddenly, people get up and head toward a hallway. The Ghost Riders barge in on their horses to deliver another one of their victims. Before Stiles can get pummeled by a Ghost Rider, Peter shows up out of the blue and pulls Stiles out of the way.

The Ghost Riders wreak havoc on the train station. Stiles is confused as to how Peter got there. The last time anyone saw Peter, he was locked up in Eichen House. Apparently, a door just opened and Peter ran out. But when he got outside, a Ghost Rider took him.

Peter has been missing for three months and no one has noticed. “That’s what the Ghost Riders do,” Stiles tells Peter. “They erase you.” When Stiles mentions the Ghost Riders, Peter knows exactly who Stiles is talking about. Peter says there’s no way out.

Holding On To Hope

But they’re not the only ones at the train station who know something’s up. There is one guy who is not like the rest. He’s determined to get out of the train station, because being there has been driving him crazy. Stiles, Peter, and the new guy walk down the hall to see where the Ghost Riders came from. They see the Ghost Riders arrive out of some portal.

The guy says the key to getting out is to jump on the back of one of the Ghost Riders as they head to the portal. The guy decides to attempt it, but when he’s entering the portal, he bounces back and disappears into a pile of ash. So much for that theory. Peter has come to the conclusion that they’re f*cked. Stiles is still holding on to hope that he’ll get out of this hell by keeping his car keys close to his heart.

“We don’t exist, and we are already forgotten,” Peter says to Stiles. “Somebody’s going to remember me,” Stiles assures Peter. “Lydia or Scott, Malia, or someone is going to find me. They’ll come for me.”

Meanwhile, Lydia’s in class and can’t keep her eyes off of Stiles’ car. When she sees Roscoe getting towed, she runs out of class and Scott follows. They give the tow guy $150 to keep the jeep. Oh, my heart!


Stiles is trying to find something, anything, that could help get him back to Beacon Hills. He comes across an intercom, and it immediately piques Stiles’ interest. He wants to use the ham radio to communicate. Peter turns it on and it screeches, but Scott and Malia hear it at school. The sound is coming from the radio inside Stiles’ jeep.

Lydia is still certain that Stiles is real. She goes through his jeep and pulls a piece of paper out of the glove compartment. The address on the paper is the Stilinski address! She goes to see Sheriff Stilinski and Mrs. Stilinski, but they are of no help. They don’t know anything about the jeep. Frustrated and angry, Lydia breaks down. The wall in the house keeps pulling her back. She cries right then and there against the wall, and Stiles is just on the other side. Stydia is so close, yet so far!

Peter decides to go through the portal. No humans can, but he’s not human. Stiles pleads with him to tell Scott, Lydia, and Malia about him. Peter doesn’t promise anything, but you know he’s just trying not to get emotional.

‘Remember I Love You’

To get Peter out of the station, Stiles stalls the Ghost Riders. Peter jumps on the back of one of them, while another grabs Stiles’ neck and knocks him to the ground. Thankfully, Peter gets through. When he comes out the other side, he’s burned beyond recognition. Malia and Scott come across Peter, and Malia recognizes him. Scott begins to remember everything as well. Together, Malia and Scott try to take some of Peter’s pain away. In his hands are Stiles’ keys.

Lydia and Scott take the keys and turn on the jeep. Stiles manages to use the radio to connect with Lydia and Scott in the jeep. I’m literally crying. Lydia and Scott start speaking to Stiles, and it’s just too much for my Stydia-loving heart to take. Stiles wonders if they remember him at all. Lydia repeats those four epic words Stiles said to her before he was taken: “Remember I love you.”

And… I’m officially dead. Stydia LIVES!

Stiles stresses to Scott and Lydia that they need to find Canaan, whatever that means. We are so blessed that Lydia and Scott have finally remembered Stiles. It’s about freaking time!

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