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‘The Royals’: Eleanor Makes Jasper Jealous & Liam Puts Himself First

Sun, December 11, 2016 11:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

Eleanor may have forgiven Jasper, but that doesn’t mean they’re full-on dating. On the Dec. 11. episode of ‘The Royals,’ Jasper and Eleanor determine their relationship status, Liam finds a new girl, but her connection to Robert may completely destroy the family.

Robert is still on the island, thinking about being bombarded with questions about living on the island if he chose to return. He practices what he would say. In his dream, a heartbroken Eleanor asks if he chose to stay on the island, and Robert can’t answer the question.

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Eleanor wakes up to find a little girl at her bedside. She’s James’ daughter, Sarah Alice. Eleanor leaves Sarah Alice with Jasper, after she nearly gets her hands on some drugs. Sarah Alice hilariously tells Jasper that his eyebrows look like caterpillars. She’s not wrong…

James asks Jasper if there’s been any progress with his relationship with Eleanor. James warns that, if Jasper and Eleanor go public with their romance, the media attention will be insane. Jasper has to really think about that.

After some major flirting in the library, Jasper says that Jaspenor is not an exclusive thing. His admission shocks Eleanor, and she vows to have a little fun with it. Brace yourself, Jasper.

To Be Exclusive, Or Not To Be Exclusive

Helena starts her day with an epic pamper session. Her new Lord Chamberlain (and bedfellow) makes his entrance to go through Helena’s itinerary. He keeps it professional — sort of. Helena really likes him, and so do I!

Cyrus goes on a talk show to reveal that he has cancer. It’s his attempt to get ahead of the game with Helena. Cyrus trashes the royal family to try and gain the public’s sympathy. Meanwhile, Helena is going full steam ahead to prove Liam is the legitimate heir to the throne. She wants to hire Willow, since she was the one who started the King Liam movement. When Helena does prove Liam’s legitimacy, she wants Willow to get the message out there.

Eleanor begs Liam, who slept over at Catherine’s place, to go with her to the Electric Carnival. She wants Jasper as their security detail. Liam knows Eleanor only wants to go to make Jasper jealous, and Eleanor even openly admits it. She wants to teach him a lesson.

And she does just that. Jasper is seething as Eleanor flirts and talks to other guys. He can’t stand it! To fight through his anger, he knocks the guys out and throws them in a Port-A-Potty. But Eleanor doesn’t just want to make Jasper jealous, she wants him to admit that he wants to be exclusive with her.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Jasper sits down with Liam to talk about living life in the spotlight, since he’ll have to accept it if he wants to be with Eleanor. Liam admits he never knew anything else, but he had the option to hide. The spotlight was always harder for Robert, because he never had a choice.

Liam becomes the person Jasper and Eleanor talk to when they want to talk about the other. Let’s face it, Liam’s the best. “I want to be exclusive with Jasper,” Eleanor tells him. “But I sometimes feel like I’m not good enough and my sh*tshow of a life isn’t fair to him.”

Oh, Eleanor. You and Jasper can handle anything. Eleanor and Liam’s chat ends up focusing on Liam. Eleanor pleads with Liam to put himself first for once. He deserves to be happy, too.

Epic, Earth-Shattering Love

Jasper comes to Eleanor’s room after their day at the Electric Carnival. She strips down in front of him to show him exactly what he’s missing. That’s when Jasper gives an epic speech that will have all the girls swooning.

“I want to be with you,” he says. “You know I do. But I can never be sanctioned. We can never have days like we had today together. They’ll find out about my past. that’s OK. I’ve done what I’ve done, but they’ll hold it against you. And that’s not OK. I couldn’t do that to you. I never would.”

Eleanor is smitten. She tells Jasper the story of a former queen who fell for her bodyguard. Their love was “epic” and “earth-shattering,” much like Eleanor and Jasper’s. They wrote love letters to each other. “It’s not fair to you to have to settle for a guy you’d have to hide from the world,” Jasper says. But Eleanor notes she wouldn’t be settling.

In case you wanted to know, the queen and the bodyguard got married and had a kid named Jasper. So, basically, Jasper and Eleanor are endgame.

Liam decides to put himself first and goes to see Catherine. Despite their past, Liam knows he wants to be with her. But get ready for this. The woman Robert has been having visions of is Catherine, a.k.a. the girl Liam is seeing! The thought of seeing her again is what makes Robert signal for a boat at sea. Robert and Catherine were together before he went missing!

Cyrus threatens Helena. “You better watch your back, b*tch,” he warns. Eleanor and Jasper are together and exclusive. FINALLY! It’s about freaking time.

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