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Kim Kardashian & Marquette King Getting Close Rumors — The Truth

Sun, December 11, 2016 5:00pm EDT by Sophie Radvan 23 Comments

What is going on here? Are Kim Kardashian and NFL star Marquette King really getting close behind Kanye West’s back? We have so many questions! Luckily, has just learned the EXCLUSIVE truth, and answers will definitely surprise you!

Relax guys, Kim Kardashian, 36, isn’t straying from Kanye West, 39! “Kim’s got two kids, a husband who needs her more than ever, is still dealing with the robbery aftermath, and has a business to tend to” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She barely has time to have sex with her own husband, let alone step out on him with Marquette [King]. The only place she’s creeping late at night is to the store to get dessert to avoid the paparazzi.” We hear that — sometimes ice cream is even better than sex!

Rumors of Kim and the Oakland Raiders punter’s, 28, fling trace back to Kanye’s meltdown, during which he was hospitalized for paranoia. As we previously told you, the reality star felt like a single mom at the time, so some people thought she might have been looking for some extra company, but the truth is quite the opposite. “Kim’s goodies belong to Kanye and him only,” the source continues. “She very much in love with he husband and wouldn’t ever think to cheat on him. She’s not that girl.” We knew it all along!

Marquette King — See Kim Kardashian’s Rumored Fling

There has also been some talk of Kim and the “Famous” rapper filing a divorce, but after seeing Kanye biking around town with his wedding ring on full display, we know they’re just getting strong and stronger as a couple. The Selfish author and her main squeeze have overcome A LOT this year, with Kim’s traumatic robbery and the Jay Z and Beyonce feud, so we have zero doubts that they’ll be able to go the distance this time as well! They’re the real deal!

HollywoodLifers, do you believe the Kim and Marquette romance rumors?