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‘This Is Us’: Christmas With The Pearsons Ends In Tragedy

Tue, December 6, 2016 10:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

The Dec. 6 fall finale of ‘This Is Us’ likely had everyone watching in tears. Christmas arrived for the Pearsons, and while everyone was together, the final moment changed everything. Check out our recap now!


It’s Christmastime! The Pearsons are prepping for Santa’s big arrival, and Rebecca’s worried that the kids know the true meaning of Christmas. They don’t, but that realization is set on the back-burner because Kate has to have her appendix taken out — on Christmas Eve.

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Kevin sweetly holds Kate’s hand up until the last second before she’s wheeled away for surgery. The doctor who delivered the kids is at the hospital, only this time he’s the one who needs help. He’s pretty sure this is his last Christmas. Rebecca and Jack decide that they’ll be his family this Christmas. Everything comes full circle on This Is Us. Randall, who is teased by Kevin for saving his money, buys a snowglobe and gives it to the doctor. He thanks the doctor for helping Jack and Rebecca find him and take him home as their son.


Kevin’s play gets cancelled on Christmas Eve. Olivia has vanished after Kevin’s “come to Jesus” talk in the last episode. Sloan, the playwright he slept with at the cabin and the AT&T girl, takes him home to meet her family for Hanukkah dinner. She claims the only reason she brought him was because she told her mom was dating “The Manny.” Sure, Sloan.

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When Sloan dramatically tells the story of Hanukkah to her family, Kevin is entranced. He tries to convince her to play Olivia’s role in the play. She wrote it, after all.

Meanwhile, Kate and Rebecca learn what having gastric bypass really means. The meeting with doctor unearths a lot of things Rebecca never knew about Kate, like her being on Prozac and binge-eating. This causes Rebecca so much pain. “Did I do this?” she asks. “I did, didn’t I? Did I do this to you?”


William is still going to Narcotics Anonymous. He tells the story of how he got clean. A British man named Jessie, played by Denis O’Hare, starts ranting and raving about how a past love abandoned him for his newfound family. Wait… is William? Yes, he’s gay. William reveals to Jessie that he has cancer. He doesn’t want to fight with him. He just wants to spend the remaining months he has left with Jessie.


In the midst of all the chaos in his life, Randall bought a boat impulsively. Beth urges him to “unbuy” it or else. Randall and Beth go to a holiday Christmas party on Christmas Eve. Randall gets the shock of his life when he sees one of his co-workers, Andy, about to jump off the roof. When Randall walks up, Andy gets spooked. Andy feels like he’s lost everything. He had an affair, his wife filed for divorce, he lost a lot of money. He doesn’t feel like he has anything left to live for.

Andy thinks Randall is living this perfect life, but Randall stresses his life is far from perfect. Randall tells Andy that no one truly knows anybody. We’ve all got our baggage. But if Andy takes this leap to his death, he’ll leave his daughter behind with too much baggage to bear. His daughter will forgive him with time.

Beth shows up as Randall is talking to Andy, and Randall looks away for a second. Andy walks off, but Randall thinks he jumped until he sees him in the crowd. Whew.

Something Bad Finally Did Happen On Christmas

Everybody shows up for Christmas at Randall’s house, even Rebecca and TOBY! He makes an epic declaration of love in front of Kate’s entire family. He’s dieting again, but this time it’s for him. “One thing I cannot live without is you,” Toby says. He’s so perfect!

Randall is the last person to realize that William is gay. His daughters have to tell him. I love this family. Everyone has such a wonderful time together on Christmas Eve. Everyone is happy and content. Jack’s words from years ago echo in the Pearson house, “Nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve.”

Except something terrible happens. After a six-hour flight and quick sex with Kate, Toby stands up in the living room and collapses. He’s rushed to the hospital and into surgery. Will Toby die? That would completely devastate Kate. Life is brutal and not always fair, so it could happen. Let’s hope Toby makes it out of this one alive.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the This Is Us fall finale? Do you think Toby will die?