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‘The Royals’ Recap: Eleanor Makes A Big Decision About Her Relationship With Jasper

Sun, December 4, 2016 11:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 3 Comments

‘The Royals’ is back! Season 3 of the hit E! show premiered on Dec. 4, and the juicy characters we love so much are more scandalous than ever. In the season 3 premiere, Eleanor and Jasper try and move forward, Liam goes down a dark path, and Robert (yes, he’s alive!) makes a shocking decision.

Season 3 picks up right where we left off. Helena is trying to get into King Simon’s tomb to get his DNA to prove Liam is the rightful heir to the throne. But she doesn’t find King Simon’s body inside. There’s a note that says, “Gone fishin.” That darn Cyrus!

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Yes, Cyrus has done something with Simon’s body. Honestly, I don’t even want to know. Cyrus is going to do whatever it takes to make sure Helena doesn’t get her hands on DNA that could strip him of his throne. He avoids Helena at all costs, shaves his beard off, and even walks around in a bubble.

Mixing Business & Pleasure

While Liam and Eleanor are on a TV show, Liam is blindsided by a question about Ted’s death. Liam stumbles, but Eleanor has his back. Liam has really been struggling with Ted’s death. Ted was right. This kind of guilt does weigh upon a man. Liam has been doing something that Helena would not approve of, and Jasper knows all about it. Eleanor basically refuses to take the next step with Jasper until he gets Liam back on the right track.

But that doesn’t mean she avoiding Jasper. She teases him hardcore by posing seductively in front of the security cameras. She wants him to watch her and know what he’s missing. Jasper decides to make a big statement while Eleanor is looking for an endorsement. James presents Jasper as Jasper Frost 2.0. Eleanor clearly likes what she sees and flirts with Jasper like there’s no one else in the room. God, I love Jaspenor. BUT JUST KISS ALREADY!

Eleanor begins having second thoughts about endorsing a product. She doesn’t know why she should have to do it. Jasper tells her that girls look up to her. Eleanor tries to say she’s not that confident, but Jasper proves her wrong. Eleanor is always completely and totally herself. She doesn’t try to be anything she’s not. After Jasper’s little pep talk, Eleanor tells Jasper that she forgives him — for all of it. Hallelujah! But now what? Eleanor and Jasper decide to take things slow and go out like a normal couple.

Living a sexless life is not for Helena. Rachel offers to help Helena with a booty call. A very sexy man shows up at Helena’s door, and they don’t waste any time getting down to business. Except that’s not the booty call Rachel hired. The guy is Helena’s new Lord Chamberlain! The guy Rachel hired was named HUGE GRANT.

‘Don’t Give Up On Me’

Liam is doing some not-so safe extracurricular activities. He channeling The O.C.’s Ryan Atwood, getting out all his anger at a fight club. Bless The Royals writers for giving us more shirtless William Moseley. Later, he goes to see a mystery woman at a bar. He knows her. When she cleans him up, he says he should have done more for her. Who is she?! (Did I miss her last season?!)

Cyrus meets with Jeff, the man who has the videos that could take down the monarchy. He tells Jeff to release that video of the Queen Mother but edit Cyrus out of it. When Jeff doesn’t immediately comply, Cyrus poisons him.

Jasper finally asks Eleanor out, but her fear gets the best of her. Jasper thinks she’s just messing with him, but she’s taking a huge risk with him. She doesn’t want to get her heart broken again. Instead of a fancy date, they paint her room. “Don’t give up on me,” Eleanor tells Jasper. “I won’t,” he replies. “Not ever.”

Meanwhile, Robert is definitely alive and living a Cast Away-esque life on an island. He’s got one heck of a grizzly beard. Did I mention he is completely and utterly alone?! Poor Robert! He sees a boat but doesn’t signal for help. Looks like someone doesn’t really want to get off the island…

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