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Mannequin Challenge: Viral Trend Actually Started On ‘Friends’ — Watch This #TBT Video

Thu, December 1, 2016 7:21pm EDT by Beth Shilliday 3 Comments

Mystery solved! We’ve been wondering where the Mannequin Challenge started and like all awesome things, we can trace it back to the iconic 1990’s sitcom ‘Friends.’ Keep reading to see how Jennifer Aniston and the gang are the OG’s when it comes to standing perfectly still.

This is too amazing! It turns out the Mannequin Challenge started way back in 2003 before social media was even around. Thanks to a Friends superfan in Brazil, he uploaded video from the show to Twitter, proving that Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey started the trend all thanks to trying to get baby Emma to crawl.

The scene never appeared during the show’s run, but was later added to the DVD version of the episode, “The One With the Boob Job.” Jennifer Aniston‘s Rachel claims to have seen her baby Emma crawl for the very first time, but none of her pals were looking when it happened. She encourages her daughter “Come on, Emma! Come on, Emma!” to try to do it again to no avail. “Oh, you know what, I think we’re probably distracting her,” Rachel says. “Let’s everybody be still for just a minute,” and the gang takes her literally.

They all freeze in place, with Monica leaning over holding a pan, while a bathrobe clad Joey is frozen with a razor in hand and a face full of shaving cream. Leave it to Phoebe to bring in the laughs as she enters Joey and Rachel’s apartment, notices everyone doing what is now the Mannequin Challenge, and grabs a colander to join her perfectly still pals before asking, “who’s painting us?” Badum-bum!

Pics: The beloved cast of Friends

Fast forward 13 years later and November 2016 became the month of the Mannequin Challenge, with everyone from Taylor Swift, the cast of SNL, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers with an assist from First Lady Michelle Obama, and Amy Schumer joining in the fun. It’s so cool though that the cast of Friends turned out to be the OG at this viral sensation!

HollywoodLifers, which celebrity Mannequin Challenge has been your favorite?