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Barack Obama Tells Donald Trump To Stop ‘Whining’: Election Isn’t ‘Rigged’ & Voters Cheer

Tue, October 18, 2016 7:47pm EDT by 1 Comment

Barack Obama has once again stepped in as the voice of reason in this election, telling Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that ‘no,’ the election will not be ‘rigged.’ Check out the clip of Barack’s press conference, where he tells Donald to stop ‘whining,’ and the great reactions from voters!

President Barack Obama, 55, slammed Donald Trump, 70, on Oct. 18 for his non-stop claims that the upcoming election would be “rigged.” That’s right, Barack is telling Donald to stop “whining” and worry about gaining votes, instead of losing them in a rigged election. “If you start whining before the game is even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job,” Barack said in a White House press conference. BURN! “Because there are a lot of times when things don’t go our way, or my way,” Barack said, of being president. Preach!

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Barack made it clear that, though Donald may think otherwise, the election is not rigged, and saying it could be is “irresponsible.” Why? Well, for starters it could cause people to lose faith in their political system. “One way of weakening America, and making it less great, is if you start betraying those basic American traditions that have been bipartisan, and have helped to hold together this Democracy now for well over two centuries,” the two-term president said. And, OMG, did Twitter users REACT.

We totally understand why Twitter users, who will hopefully be exercising their right to vote on Nov. 8, are taking what Donald has said so seriously. And what Barack said too. No matter what your political stance is, suggesting that the election could be “rigged” is dangerous. We would hope that voters believe their vote counts and get out their and cast it on election day!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Barack dissing Donald over his election rigging comments? Should he “stop whining.”