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‘The Girl On The Train’: Relive The 7 Most Shocking Book Moments Before Seeing The Movie

Sat, October 8, 2016 8:15am EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

‘The Girl On The Train’ is now in theaters, and fans of Paula Hawkins’ book have been anxious to see the best-selling novel on big screen. Before heading to the movies, here’s a refresher on the 7 most shocking moments in the book! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Warning: If you have not read the book and don’t want the movie to be spoiled, stop reading! Major plot points are about to be revealed! Don’t say we didn’t warning you…

1. Megan had an affair with both Kamal & Tom.
Megan Hipwell was hiding a lot of secrets before her death. To Rachel, Megan was living the perfect life with her perfect husband, Scott. But in reality, Megan was having an affair with her therapist, Dr. Kamal Abdic, and Rachel’s ex-husband, Tom.

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2. Scott & Rachel hook up.
Once Megan goes missing, Rachel becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her. She tries to get close to Scott, Megan’s husband, to get answers, and the two end up having sex.

3. Megan accidentally killed her baby.
Megan was harboring a tragic secret from her previous marriage. She got pregnant and had a baby girl, but the baby died in a tragic drowning accident. Megan blamed herself for her baby’s death.

4. Tom lied about everything.
Tom seemed like the perfect husband, but he was anything but. Towards the end of the novel, it’s revealed that Tom lied about being in the army and being estranged from his parents.

5. Megan was pregnant with Tom’s child.
The book unraveled twist after twist at breakneck speed. Megan wasn’t pregnant with Scott or Kamal’s baby. The father of her unborn child was Tom. They were having a secret affair that no one knew about.

6. Tom killed Megan.
Tom murdered Megan after she threatened to reveal their affair and her pregnancy to Anna. Tom wasn’t nearly as perfect as he appeared to be. He looked down on Rachel, but he was the one who was the monster.

7. Anna & Rachel end up killing Tom.
Rachel realizes that Tom was the one who killed Megan. She goes to warn Anna, and Tom ends confessing. Tom beats Rachel horribly, and to prevent him from killing her, she stabs him in the neck with a corkscrew. Anna walks over and makes sure Tom dies, twisting the corkscrew further in his neck. Rachel and Anna then cover up the murder so it looks like self-defense.

HollywoodLifers, have you read The Girl On The Train? Do you think the movie will do the book justice? Let us know!