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Sean Penn Slams Donald Trump: His Penis Is As Small As His Hands — A ‘Proportional Match’

Wed, September 28, 2016 11:15am EDT by Add first Comment

Well, this is definitely NSFW! When Sean Penn stopped by ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,’ he and the host had A LOT of laughs at the expense of Donald Trump’s ‘small’ manhood! They compared Donald’s penis to the size of his hands and Stephen even acted it out! Watch the INSANE video here!

Sean Penn, 56, just took a major shot at Donald Trump, 70, and his manhood when he spoke to Stephen Colbert, 52, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. You can see the EPIC moment at .30. 

It all started when Stephen asked Sean what he thought of the debate since, he mentioned he watched it. The actor joked, “Oh I didn’t think there was a political debate going on, so I didn’t watch it — It’s a social debate.” The host replied, “That’s interesting because it’s hard to see who won it.”

Sean, who was promoting his new audiobook, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, responded, “There are two options. Either you can decide to divorce yourself from loving your children and piss on a tree and show that you have the power to piss on a tree. Or you can go out and vote in a very big way for someone like Hillary Clinton, 68 who then you can challenge and support in which is the only way that any kind of president can have any success, and you stick it out for four years. Or we can just masterbate our way into hell [the audience instantly LOST it]…with a guy who looks like the only blonde magician.” Did he just endorse Hillary?

THEN, Stephen stirred the Donald diss pot when he said, “If you’re referring to Trump, I don’t think that Trump can actually masterbate his way to hell because his hands, too small,” as he playfully shook his hands in the air. OMG! The audience went wild for the second time, cheering and laughing loudly. Just went you thought the roaring couldn’t get any louder, Sean simply replied, “Proportional Match.” Instant. Chaos.

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The jokes ended there as the two changed the subject, but it was definitely one of the most epic guest appearances we’ve seen on a Late Night talk show in a long time! It came as no surprise to many as Donald has become a negative target for a lot of people after the first presidential debate Sept. 26. He and Hillary went tit for tat as they served up their opinions and proposals on gun control, racism and many more hot topics. However, he had to feel the heat after the debate when he called into Fox & Friends the very next day and bashed former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, 39. Donald said she “gained a massive amount of weight” during her post-pageant duties and that she was the “absolute worst” the organization has “ever” had. Awful!

In case you didn’t have time to catch the highly anticipated debate, don’t worry. EXCLUSIVELY talked to body language expert Patti Wood, and she filled us in on who won the debate based on the energy and movement of their actions on stage! You’ll definitely want to get the scoop on this, so check it out right here!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Sean and Stephen’s wild conversation about Donald? Do you agree with Sean’s take on what he thought the debate was? Tell us in the comments below!