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‘Notorious’ Premiere Recap: A Shocking Murder Creates Headlines & Major Drama

Thu, September 22, 2016 10:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

The first episode of ‘Notorious’ was WILD! The new show, which premiered on Sept. 22, was full of twists and turns. Julia George and Jake Gregorian work together to control the media, but when a terrible murder goes down, things get super complicated. Here’s everything that happened in the premiere!

A sex scene is one way to start off a TV show. Well, that’s how Notorious begins, with TV news producer Julia George (Piper Perabo) having a quickie with her federal judge boyfriend in her office. Once she is, um, finished, she shakes off the sweat and fixes her makeup without a hitch.

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Julia George doesn’t have time to waste. She instantly goes back to work. She’s introduced to her new production assistant, played by Ryan Guzman. He’s her boss’ son, so she’s already judging Ryan. His first job? Go get her latte.

Julia heads to find Louise Herrick (Kate Jennings Grant), the star of her show. Apparently, she’s locked herself in her dressing room. There’s nothing wrong, she’s just lounging in lingerie while her boy toy makes dinner. Once Julia’s certain everything’s fine, she’s back on the move making final fixes.

Everything changes when a breaking news story comes up. Megan (Sepideh Moafi) tells Julia that billionaire Oscar Keaton (Kevin Zegers) is possibly involved in a hit-and-run that left a 15-year-old in critical condition. The police are at Oscar’s house, and he’s barricaded himself inside his home. The cherry on top of this story? Oscar’s lawyer, Jake (Daniel Sunjata) is about to be on the show!

Seeds Of Doubt

Jake arrives at the WCN headquarters and Julia’s waiting. The two get flirty in the elevator (everyone loves a good elevator scene) and talks a little dirt about Julia’s boyfriend. It’s playful, and the sexual tension is SO REAL.

When the show goes live, Louise and Julia go in for the kill. Julia is in Louise’s ear, telling her exactly what to ask. Jake stays calm, cool and collected. In the middle of the broadcast, Oscar surrenders. A heated Jake gets up from his seat and confronts Julia about what just happened.

But it’s all just a ruse. They’re working together to make the story work for both of them. Julia gets a great breaking news story, while Jake is able to plant the seeds of doubt before the public can pass judgment. Before he leaves, Jake makes sure to tell Julia that her boyfriend doesn’t deserve her.

Jake goes to see Oscar to make their next place of attack. Oscar admits that he’s been sleeping in the guest house lately, so his wife is unable to be his alibi. He’s been having problems in his marriage. Their discussion takes a turn when Oscar tells Jake that he has cocaine in his car. But he swears it’s not his. (Sure.) Then they learn the 15-year-old boy has died.

Oh, it turns out that Jake was in love with Oscar’s wife, Sarah. That certainly makes things complicated. Oscar’s soon released on bond and makes a statement. It’s another carefully staged appearance planned by Jake. Oscar’s longtime friend, Levi, goes on Louise Herrick Live to help out Oscar. Louise goes after Levi on the air and makes him look hella suspicious.

Heroes & Monsters

He’s only been working as a production assistant for a hot minute, and Ryan already wants to do more than fetch lattes. He wants to get ahead, but doesn’t want to use daddy’s high-profile status to do so.

Megan gives Ryan a Scandal-esque speech about Julia to get him motivated. “She decides what the country cares about,” she says. “She creates heroes and monsters. Victims and villains. Julia George tells the world when to pay attention and what really matters… Help her do her job and she’ll notice you.”

He doesn’t waste any time. He stalks Ella (Aimee Teegarden), an associate at Jake’s firm. He finds her at a bar, turns on the charm and follows her when she has to leave to meet Bradley. He films her as she and Bradley, Jake’s brother, take the cocaine from Oscar’s car.

After dinner with boyfriend Eric, Julia heads back to the office. She sees Megan has a file on him and demands to know what’s up. Megan used to work at an escort service and recognized Eric’s face. He hired 2 call girls the week before his confirmation. He cheated on Julia recently. The information stuns Julia.

Ryan goes to Julia’s house to give her the video. Even though he’s caught her at the worst possible time, she likes what she sees. Upon seeing the video, she wants to make a deal with Jake. She won’t run the video if Oscar comes on the show. After a little manipulation, Jake agrees to have Sarah on the show, which is what Julia wanted all along.

Forget, But Never Forgive

Jake ends up having sex with Sarah after going to the Keaton house to convince her to go on the show. Meanwhile, Julia goes to see Eric. She confronts him about sleeping with prostitutes and slays him with a nasty speech.

“I’m going to forget about you, Eric,” she tells him. “I’m going to forget I ever cared about you. I’m going to forget you ever mattered to me. But every day you will wonder if today is the day I share your disgusting secret with the world. I will forget about you, but you will never forget about me.”

She may be heartbroken, but Julia George doesn’t have time to wallow in self-pity. Her police officer friend gives her security footage that shows that Sarah was driving Oscar’s car the night of the hit-and-run.

Julia tells Jake about Sarah and demands she get Sarah on the show tonight. Sarah claims she took an Ambien and fell asleep. Jake cops up a defense, but it falls apart quickly. Megan reveals that Sarah bought the pills the day after the accident. She thinks Jake knew and made up a defense. But Jake has no idea about the prescription until Julia tells him.

Sarah is a no-show to the interview, which leaves Julia in a tight spot. If Sarah doesn’t show up, Julia agrees to reveal Eric’s secret on the air. Julia’s a little nervous, but the fierce as hell Louise gives her all the encouragement she needs. “You’re a tough ass b*tch,” Louise says. “You can do anything.”

Jake races to the Keaton house after getting a call from Oscar. He finds Sarah dead and Oscar’s covered in her blood. At the exact same moment, Julia gets a text with a picture of Sarah’s dead body. Of course Julia goes live with the story.

Later, Jake and Julia discover that Sarah had been trying to get out of the country. She had ordered a fake passport. She had been hiding secrets that neither Jake nor Oscar knew. What was she running from? The episode ends with Julia receiving photos of Jake having sex with Sarah, Oscar having an affair, and Sarah all roughed up. Oh boy…

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