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JonBenet Ramsey: Brother Burke’s Attorney Blasts CBS For Accusing Him Of Murder — Watch

Wed, September 21, 2016 10:38pm EDT by Beth Shilliday 8 Comments

Uh oh! CBS could be in hot water for their docuseries that strongly suggested Burke Ramsey killed his younger sister JonBenet. The now 29-year-old’s lawyer says he’s taking the network to court, claiming they have smeared Burke forever in the pursuit of ratings.

“Nobody was so asinine to accuse this child Burke Ramsey except for CBS,” Burke’s lawyer L.  Lin Wood told TMZ. “No one has had the foolishness in the mainstream media or the tabloid media to accuse this young man of the murder of his sister until CBS tried to, until CBS decided to do so for ratings trying to profit off of this child,” he angrily proclaimed.

CBS’ two part documentary The Case of JonBenet Ramsey took seven prominent investigators and forensic experts to go over all the evidence in her murder case. They came to a conclusion that hinted strongly that a then nine-year-old Burke hit his sister in the head with a flashlight in a fit of rage over her stealing a piece of pineapple from his bowl. They even did a recreation with a 10-year-old smashing a replica blonde wig covered skull, which closely matched JonBenet’s actual skull fracture.

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Burke’s lawyer is furious that CBS billed it as a “new investigation by new experts” and calls it a “Demonstrably provable lie.” Lin went so far as to say, “These are phony experts and this whole CBS fraudulent story is premised on the idea that Burke Ramsey killed her with a blow to the head. It’s outrageous, it’s unlawful…This is borderline if not over the line of being immoral.”

Well, the investigators were anything but phony, as they included some serious criminalist and forensic all-stars. The panel included retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente, former Scotland Yard criminal behavior expert Laura Richards, forensic linguistics expert James Fitzgerald, renown criminologist Werner Spitz, statement analyst Stan Burke, forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee and even former Boulder Country District Attorney’s Office investigator James Kolar, who worked the JonBenet murder case extensively from the very beginning.

“But to now have this young man live the rest of his life with people googling his name to see where CBS accused him of killing his sister is beyond outrageous…CBS is going to be held accountable in a court of law,” he threatened. So far no lawsuit has been filed, but it’s clear he’s looking at a defamation case against the network.

HollywoodLifers, Did yo catch the CBS docuseries? Do you think they proved that Burke killed JonBenet?