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‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Is Literally ‘Murder House’ 2.0

Wed, September 21, 2016 11:36pm EDT by Add first Comment

‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ returned for its second episode on Sept. 21 and turned up the scare factor big time. The house Shelby and Matt are living in is totally haunted, giving us major ‘Murder House’ vibes.

The nightmare is just beginning for Shelby and Matt. Shelby sees Kathy Bates’ character and others, including Lady Gaga and Wes Bentley’s characters, doing a human sacrifice in the woods. Kathy’s character spots Shelby and tries to seize her. Shelby runs and is suddenly hit by a car Lee’s driving. When the police investigate, they find no evidence of what Shelby saw.

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At this point, Matt’s more than ready to move out. But now Shelby thinks it’s just the mountain men trying to scare them away. She doesn’t want to leave just yet.

Lee’s daughter, Flora, comes to stay with them at the house. But Lee soon discovers bringing Flora to Roanoke was the worst idea ever. One day, Lee finds Flora taking to an invisible person named Priscilla. Lee thinks Flora’s just making thing up and acting out because of the divorce, but she soon realizes that’s not the case. Flora says that Priscilla wears funny clothes and is “tired of all the blood.” Suddenly, Lee hears a glass break and finds a bonnet on the floor.

Shelby hears noises coming from the woods once again and runs outside to find out what’s going on. Matt goes with her this time. They both hear something. But it’s just a pig. Matt and Shelby get separated. He finds Shelby looking at same type of sacrifice she had described earlier. There’s a decapitated pig’s head on a stick that’s on fire. Just your casual demonic ritual in the woods…

A Violent Threat

When they’re back at the house, the phone rings and Matt picks up. The woman on the other line keeps saying, “They’re hurting me.” The thing is, the phone cord isn’t even hooked up to the phone. The voice isn’t coming from the phone. Matt turns and sees an old woman being mistreated by two nurses. One of the nurses then shoots the woman in the head!

Flora’s dad arrives to take her home, but she’s nowhere to be found. They think Flora’s playing hide-and-seek, a game she always used to play with them. Lee hears Flora talking to someone who isn’t there. Flora says that she was going to offer Priscilla her doll so “they wouldn’t kill us.” Flora warns Lee, “They’re going to kill us all and save me for last.” And with that, Flora’s dad grabs her and runs. This shocking turn of events sets Lee off. She starts drinking again. Later, Lee sees bloody pig tails hanging from the wall, still moving. WTF is even happening right now?!

Welcome Back To Murder House

While looking outside, Shelby sees a girl in the field outside. Matt saw her, too. They go searching for her and find a cellar. When they go into the cellar, it looks like someone had been living down there. They find a video camera and a video of a guy who used to live in the house.

Dr. Elias Cunningham had come to the house in 1997 to do research on a book. He was investigating two sisters who were nurses. They had murdered 5 innocent people in the assisted living facility they had set up in the house.

The nurses, Bridget and Miranda, only accepted patients on the basis of the letters of their first name. They killed these people so they could spell out their favorite name — MURDER. By the time the police realized what was going on, Bridget and Miranda were gone. The only thing they left behind was a single word on a wall that wasn’t finished. That word was “murder.” This house is literally Murder House 2.0.

Every time someone tried to paint over the word, the letters would reappear again. Matt realizes that’s what he saw in his vision. Everything Elias says in the video is true. But Elias believes that Bridget and Miranda didn’t leave, they were stopped before they could take their final victim. He thinks they were taken by something more evil than they were. Someone or something that’s definitely still in the house.

Elias went back in the house, and he knew it was possible he wouldn’t make it out alive. He filmed the whole thing. The video ended with something appearing out of nowhere in the house, but it was impossible to make out what it was. That’s when the video cut out. Matt and Shelby hear a noise. When they walk to the door, they find a bloody meat cleaver that had been thrown at the door.

To make matters worse, Lee brings Flora back to the house. Shelby and Matt freak, considering how this could impact Lee’s custody situation. Flora sees a girl, possibly Priscilla, outside and goes to meet her. Lee soon notices that Flora is gone. Shelby, Matt and Lee run into the woods looking for her and only find her jacket stuck up high in a tree! Is Flora dead?!

But seriously, where the heck is Evan Peters? His character better be on the next episode — OR ELSE!

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