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Ashley Graham Models Lingerie On The Runway: How She Learned To ‘Love’ Her Cellulite

Fri, September 16, 2016 4:12pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis Add first Comment

Ashley Graham teamed up with Addition Elle during New York Fashion Week, and together they sent a body positive collection down the runway, showcasing models of all shapes, colors and sizes. After the show, Ashley opened up about body acceptance and how she learned to love her cellulite. Watch her inspiring interview here.

Ashley Graham rocked the runway with a sexy collection at her Addition Elle x Ashley Graham show hosted by Kia STYLE360 on Sept. 14 at New York Fashion Week, where she sent a covetable collection down the runway — and she enlisted a slew of amazing models in all shapes and sizes to help her! Canadian plus-size fashion label Addition Elle also kicked off the show with the world debut of their empowering new ‘F*This’ campaign. After the show, we got to catch up with the sexy model who told us why it was so important to her to send this collection down the runway. “It’s incredibly important to have a show that we did today because it’s diversity on so many different levels, there’s so many different body shapes that were on the runway,” Ashley said. “We’re not all created equally, right?! Like our bodies are completely different and I’m so happy we were able to showcase that.”

From Jordyn Woods to Barbie Ferreira, Ashley’s models looked sexy, confident and cool coming down the runway — and Ashley opened up about how she learned how to embrace her figure, admitting it didn’t happen overnight. “You know, I can’t say the exact moment, but it took a few years,” she said. “I moved to New York, I gained some weight, I was making bad decisions and I think that what happened for me and what clicked is that I just had to start speaking to myself, I had to get the right people around me,” she explained. “And slowly making sure that I wasn’t flooding my mind with the negative.”

Ashley is a trailblazer in the industry and hearing her share her message is inspiring to all women. “When I actually, truly loved the women within that’s when I started taking off,” she said of her success in the field — it’s all about learning to accept yourself! “A lot of women don’t like the cellulite on the back of their thighs and some days I still look at it and think, ‘Gosh, could you just like smooth out because I really wanna wear a sexy dress,'” she admitted. “I’m just willing to look at it and talk to it and say: ‘I love you.'”

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Now more than ever before we’re reminded that not all women are created equally, as talented women in Hollywood are using their voice to share the struggles they endure when designers and stylists turn their backs on them, refusing to accept their shapes and sizes. “It’s happening slowly but surely,” Ashley said. “I think it’s important that we’re talking about it. More designers are coming out and even dressing me and it’s hard because there are some who are and there are some who aren’t and it’s really about knowing who is and attaching yourselves to them.”

For more from Ashley, watch our interview with the sexy, smart, and inspiring model above.