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‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: Jon Snow’s Origin Revealed & Major Characters Perish

Sun, June 26, 2016 10:20pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

The ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 finale was absolutely incredible. The June 26 episode was undoubtedly the best episode of the season. Here’s your full finale rundown!

This was the Game of Thrones season finale everyone had been waiting for, and it was INSANE. Cersei sent her world up in flames, leaving many main characters dead. Plus, Jon Snow’s parentage was FINALLY revealed!

The bells were ringing in King’s Landing. It was time for Loras and Cersei’s trial. Tommen was ready (or thought he was), the High Sparrow was ready, but no one seemed to know what was about to happen. Loras was taken from his cell and brought before the High Sparrow and the rest of the Seven, his long locks of hair gone.

“There will be no need for a trial,” Loras said before the High Sparrow and Margaery. He confessed to all of his “crimes.” He admitted he slept with Renly! The fearless Loras we once knew was no longer. He eyes looked empty. His last request was to “devote my life to the Seven.”

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This meant abandoning everything — his name, his lordship. Margaery tried her best to not look completely stunned by this revelation. She watched him as they carved that horrible symbol onto his head. “You mutilated him,” Margaery said to the High Sparrow. “You gave me your word.”

Tommen was preparing to head out for the trial when The Mountain stopped him. Cersei didn’t show up for her trial. She never even left the Red Keep.

The High Sparrow sent Lancel to fetch her. He noticed a small child running and followed him into the tunnels. The child stabbed him and left him to die.

Cersei’s Words Come True

Margaery realized something was wrong and that everyone need to get out now. There was a reason why Tommen and Cersei weren’t at the trial. She grabbed Loras and tried to run. Meanwhile, Lancel crawled over and realized the wildfire was about to ignite. He nearly blew out the candle, but he was too late. The fire exploded and killed basically EVERYONE. Earlier, Maester Pycelle was stabbed to death by Qyburn’s child spies — who used to work for Varys.

Margaery, Loras, Mace Tyrell, the High Sparrow and dozens more perish while Cersei watched with glee and Tommen watched in horror. Cersei grabbed Unella, the woman who had “shamed” her during her walk of atonement. She taunted her about sleeping with Jaime and killing the High Sparrow. Cersei made good on her promise on being the last face Unella saw before she died. But she wasn’t going to kill her. Cersei was going to let The Mountain have Unella.

But there was no way Cersei could have seen this coming. Tommen couldn’t handle what had just happened. He had also been wrong about siding with the High Sparrow. He should have stood by his mother. Tommen stepped up on his windowsill and jumped. Yes, Tommen killed HIMSELF. Cersei was determined to see Tommen’s body after he committed suicide. She wanted him buried where the Sept once stood.

‘I’m Not A Stark’

While Melisandre and Jon were talking, Davos stormed in and threw Shireen’s wooden deer at her. He demanded that Melisandre tell Jon what she had done to the poor girl. She didn’t cower from her wrongdoing. She admitted she allowed Shireen to be burned at the stake. She said it was “the only way.” Davos broke down in tears.

Jon looked at her in disgust. She didn’t have anything else to say. She knew her work was not done yet. Instead of killing her, Jon ordered her to ride south and never return. Before she left, Davos told her that if she ever came back, he would kill her himself.

Jon had prepared Catelyn and Ned’s room for Sansa. She wondered why he wasn’t taking the room. “I’m not a Stark,” he said. “You are to me,” he replied.

He wondered if Sansa could really trust Littlefinger. She apologized for not telling him about the Knights of the Vale. Jon just wanted them to stick together. He didn’t want to fight.

Later, Littlefinger and Sansa had a heart-to-heart. She asked him what he truly wanted. Well, he told her. He said he wanted to be on the Iron Throne with Sansa by his side. That’s not how Sansa thought things were going to go. He tried to go in for a kiss, but she stopped him and walked. Burn.

Fire & Blood & Heartbreak

Not surprisingly, Olenna didn’t die in the fire. She was over in DORNE. She was furious with Cersei. But she’d come to the right place. Ellaria was at war with the Lannisters, and she offered Olenna vengeance for Cersei killing her family. You know who was going to help with it all? Varys! And he was about to bring Daenerys’ fire and blood into the mix.

Daenerys was about to make the huge move to Westeros, but Daario wasn’t going with her. She was leaving him in control of Meereen. She wasn’t asking, she was commanding him. Dany knew she had to make alliances with marriage. She couldn’t bring her lover to Westeros.

“I love you, and I can make you happy,” Daario pleaded with Dany. “I can’t,” she said about bringing him to Westeros. He knew no one would be able to follow her, but he couldn’t refuse her.

“I know it was hard for you,” Tyrion said to Daenerys after she let Daario go. However, she confessed that she “felt nothing” during her breakup. “He wasn’t the first to love you, and he won’t be the last,” Tyrion told her. He’s right about that!


Arya finally marked one big name off her list. She killed Walder Frey’s sons — Lothar and Black Walder — before murdering Walder. She avenged her mother and her brother by slitting Walder Frey’s throat. But before that, she served him pies that she’d baked with his Lothar and Black Walder’s corpses! SLAYYYY!

After being left by Benjen, Bran confirmed the theory that’s been going around for years. He warged back to the Tower of Joy and followed young Ned up the Tower, where he found Lyanna covered in blood. She didn’t want to die, but she knew she was going to. Lyanna then whispered something in his ear.

She made him promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone about her child. Yes, she’s talking about her child with Rhaegar Targaryen. A beautiful baby boy who grew up to be JON SNOW. R+L = J! It’s basically confirmed! Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar TARGARYEN!

It was time to decide the fate of the North. Could Jon Snow really rule the North? Some weren’t so sure. After Lyanna Mormont made another EPIC speech and pledged her loyalty to Jon Snow and the Starks, everyone followed suit. Everyone stood behind Jon Snow, the new King of the North. Littlefinger stewed about the turn of events in the corner.

Jaime and Bronn arrived back in King’s Landing to find it burning. Jaime watched as Cersei took the Iron Throne. Was he proud or scared? Qyburn named her the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. OMG. She beat Daenerys to it! But Daenerys, along with Tyrion, Theon and the rest of her followers, set sail for Westeros. My body is ready.

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