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The Greatest LA Stage Show Point Break LIVE! Is Coming To An End

Thu, June 23, 2016 4:49pm EDT by Add first Comment

Point Break Live! You say those words to people and a big smile comes across their face because they know the magic of the show that has been pleasing audiences for years. And as of June 25th, the doors are closing forever and we will miss it because it is everything a stage show should be, it is outright spectacular! Thanks for all the memories! Vaya Con Dios!

To explain Point Break Live! might seem easy but it is so much more than a stage show that is about the 1992 Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze classic extreme-sports blockbuster. The comedy, the gags and the possibility of you, yes you to be in the play and become the part of Keanu Reeves iconic Johnny Utah puts the show into a completely different stratosphere! It adds everything to the show that not any other show could or can touch, it is the definition of brilliant! We loved having you in our lives and hate to see you go!

“After nearly a decade, and having performed for over 150,000 people from coast-to-coast, we feel that its time to move on to the next chapter in our careers. Point Break LIVE! has been some of the best times of our lives, but what we will really take away from it is the family that we have built around the show and an overwhelming amount of love and gratitude we’ve received from our fans. Thank you Los Angeles for the years of support and we will be coming back with the next epic stage show soon!” Those are the words from Executive Producer and Director Thomas Blake Jr. who also appears in the show as Roach and who has been kind enough to show us at what the show is all about behind the scenes. An experience equally as fun as seeing the show itself!

We could tell you all about the fun they have, the times that fans experience and the love everyone has for each other, but it might be easier to check videos of the show online to get a feel of how genuine everything actually is and becomes! The hard work shows because it is a laugh a minute riot that should be on Broadway. It is that good! To see it go is a sad day, but what could possibly be next is getting us overly giddy!

The same team isn’t only one and done, they work on the hilarious stage show Terminator Too Judgment Play as well so whatever is next from them will sure be an instant classic! We can only imagine what ideas are swirling in their heads!

The show that has been going strong at The Dragonfly in Hollywood for years has pleased audiences for sure but it couldn’t be achieved without the endless hard work of the amazing cast and crew! The cast of amazing actors the likes of Charlie Farrell, Joya Mia Italiano, Tom Fugedi, Amber HubertErika ZabellaDavid SimonJohn MoeslienLuke Royer and Thomas Blake Jr to name only a few prove that perfection can be seen on stage. We can’t wait to see what they have lined up next both on stage and off.

To follow their careers, make sure to check out everyone from the cast here as well! The talent is out of control and should be praised! More info at this link

Point Break Live! The Show That Everyone Loves!

From their website…

“Point Break Live!, is the live-action stage show that has thrilled audiences and critics since 2007, making us the longest running stage show in Los Angeles!

Hailed as “So over the top you can’t stop laughing!” by LA Weekly and “About the most dead-on dose of hilarity to ever be on stage!” by, Point Break Live! is a spoof of the 1991 blockbuster classic starring Patrick Swayze as Bodhi, the Zen-surfing leader of a gang of bank robbing adrenaline junkies called the Ex-Presidents, and Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, an ex-college football star turned undercover FBI Agent.

But the best part? YOU CAN BE KEANU!!! That’s right — at each performance the lead role (Johnny Utah) is played by an unrehearsed volunteer chosen directly from the crowd and voted for by the rest of the audience. One of the many reason that Variety raved it as “Hilarious!” Righteous BRAH!

Point Break Live! is not your typical theater experience (thank god). In fact, it might be the best stage adaptation of an action movie in the history of the world. The interaction literally spills out into the crowd as the cast robs banks, rips waves, catches tubes, blows shit up, skydives with loaded guns, and even chows down on hot meatball subs. “Utah, get me 2!”

Described by as “all-encompassing, wet, interactive, loud, extreme, and altogether awesome,” Point Break LIVE! is not the place to show off any new designer evening gowns. Leave your finery at home and don’t forget to buy a survival kit. You will get wet, you will be robbed at gunpoint, you will be spattered with fake blood and possibly even thrown on the floor by belligerent bank robbers or molested by over-sexed surfers, you might even get hit with a meatball sandwich. The audience is involved in the action to such a degree that proclaimed, “’Point Break LIVE!’ is the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ for our generation.”

We could talk forever about the show but it is a once and a lifetime show that if you were unable to see it, maybe they will come back for a reunion some day! But just no that if you were lucky to see it, you were a part of history! And better late than never, they have one more show on June 25th. Get there, you will not be disappointed!

HollywoodLifers, tell us all your memories and experiences with Point Break Live! How much will you miss this EPIC show! We will NEVER forget it! Sound off below!