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‘The Walking Dead’: [SPOILER] Shot At Point-Blank Range In Horrific Cliffhanger

Sun, March 27, 2016 10:02pm EDT by Lauren Cox 2 Comments

With just one episode left until the finale, ‘The Walking Dead’ leaves many of their power players in grave danger of being Negan’s batting practice.

On the March 27 episode of The Walking Dead, Carol (Melissa McBride) is in trouble, Daryl (Norman Reedus) is seeking revenge, and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is obviously stressed out over the threat of The Saviors. All of this leads up to an intense, mind-blowing cliffhanger that will have you desperate for the finale and (hopefully) a resolution to it all.

The opening of this episode is ominous, to say the least. It’s one of the shortest openings The Walking Dead has ever had, and you don’t even see anyone — but you do hear voices. As the camera pans over what looks like a vehicle that just endured a bloodbath, Carol calls out and tells someone to “come out.” A man’s voice responds and says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but then we hear a man scream and a gunshot go off before credits roll. Uh, WTF?

When the show returns it seems we’ve gone backwards to the day Carol left. She’s sewing up a jacket, and the letter she wrote to him is sitting on the desk in front of her. As she packs up a large backpack full of supplies we hear Tobin call for her, and she hides the evidence of her future getaway under the bed before he meets her in the bedroom. He reveals that he hurt his hand rebuilding the guard tower during the day, which leads him into reminiscing about Denise and what she was like before her death. Carol isn’t listening though, and we watch as she spaces out and the words Tobin are speaking seem to dull as she pretends to pay attention. A moment later he apologizes for bringing up Denise, but Carol tells him it’s okay and then they share a very sweet kiss. The camera pans to the bed as times seems to lapse, and then we see Tobin asleep in the bed as Carol sneaks out in the middle of the night.

Things inside Alexandria go on as the next day starts, including a very intimate shower scene between Glenn and Maggie. The intimacy is halted when Abraham and Sasha spare Rosita from their new relationship, but quickly continued when we join Rick and Michonne in bed. Despite Rick’s efforts, Michonne opts to get up and start the day per Maggie’s orders. But, before they head off for the day, Rick makes it very clear to Michonne that he’s ready to anything necessary to make sure they don’t lose Alexandria.

Then, the you-know-what hits the fan when Daryl decides to bolt off on his bike. Everyone knows he’s after Dwight for killing Denise, especially Rosita, who hops in a van with Glenn and Michonne who follow in hopes of stopping Daryl. Take not that that’s not just one, that’s four major power players from Alexandria leaving it behind with a threat looming overhead. Not good.

As this is happening, Tobin shows up at Rick’s door with Carol’s note. He rushes to the front gate to question Sasha who was on watch when Carol left, but she didn’t see anything. That’s when Tobin notices that one of the cars they placed in front of the gates to keep walkers and unwanted guests out is missing. This is also when he finds out that Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita are all gone, too. Morgan and Rick roll out in hopes of finding Carol, but not before the Ricktatorship demands no one else leave because they need to “stay ready for a fight.” Rick, everyone who could win a fight is gone. Including you!

Carol Has A Run-In With Some Not-So Friendly Neighbors

Now we’re up to speed with Carol, who we see driving down the road with a bunch of large stakes impaled into the car — proving Tobin right. She gets nervous when she sees another car driving towards her, and rightfully so because when it gets close enough the three guys in the truck’s pickup shoot out her tires causing her to nearly crash. They demand her out of the car and she listens, tells them she doesn’t have anything but the car, but they say she has information. They want to know who she is, where she’s from, where she’s going, and even after she lies they call her on her bull. The guy pointing a gun at her mentions Alexandria by name and also mentions how the cars have spikes through them just like hers. Are they Saviors?

The man tells Carol that they might let them in if she’s with them, and that’s when she starts to lose it. Her breathing gets heavy and she starts to cry, then tells them if they turn back now that no one has to get hurt. All Carol wanted to do was escape killing people, and she’s barely escaped Alexandria’s radius and is already faced with having to do just that. Before they can grab her, all three guys are shot down by rapid fire. When we return to Carol it appears she was hiding a gun in her coat sleeve, and she’s devastated at what she’s done. But, when the man in the drivers seat hops out to retaliate, she’s forced to hide behind her car.

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Without hesitating, Carol uses one of the stakes and shoves it through the man once he’s close enough to the car, leaving him for dead. She steals his gun and approaches the truck slowly, as the man who was taunting her is alive and hiding, but he refuses to come out for her. Suddenly he grabs a gun and we see him get up and lunge in Carol’s direction, but then there’s gunfire and we’re left staring at a puddle of blood.

In true The Walking Dead fashion, that moment is left as a cliffhanger when we return to Alexandria. Maggie runs into Enid in the pantry, and the young girl offers her new mentor a break while she takes over her shift for a few hours. It’s a sweet gesture, especially since everyone has bailed on Alexandria at the moment. We’re quickly transported to inside Morgan and Rick’s car, and they are desperately tracking Carol. Of course the conversation turns to Morgan and Rick’s difference of opinion on whether or not to kill, and Morgan admits that his way isn’t right — but that no one’s way is right. Rick is also curious why Morgan wants to help Carol, mentioning that he barely knew her, but Morgan says he knew her well enough. Of course, it’s clear Morgan wants to help Carol because she kept his secret about the hidden hostage who nearly got them all killed.

We finally return to Carol, and it seems she’s shot the man who lunged at her. Not that that’s surprising at all but, still. Phew. However, we also learn that the man in the passenger’s seat of the truck has also survived, though she appears to be long gone before he wakes up.

Morgan & Rick Start The Search For Carol

A moment after he gets out of the truck, Morgan and Rick pull up on the scene. Once they see Carol’s car they know she was there, but then Rick finds one of the spears and tells Morgan that they were definitely Saviors. You might remember that The Hilltop was supplying them with things, and that they once mentioned that the Saviors had asked for some spears from their blacksmith.

They decide to follow a blood trail that goes into the weeds, but Rick is confident Carol is alive because all of the bodies are missing their weapons. As they are walking Rick points out that this group of Saviors was too close to Alexandria and that there were obviously more of them than they realized. When he says they didn’t finish it Morgan tells him that instead he started something. Morgan’s right, even if Rick doesn’t want to hear it.

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Unfortunately, Rick and Morgan don’t realize they have company. The man who survived emerges from the woods behind them and slowly follows after them, though it’s unclear if he’s looking to kill them or just get more information to eventually bring to Negan.

Daryl Goes Completely Rogue In Denise’s Name

When we finally catch up with Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita… they are back at the tracks where Denise was killed. Michonne discovers Daryl’s bike hidden under a brush, and when Glenn asks Rosita which way Dwight ran she tells him they should let Daryl do what he needs to do. Glenn tells Rosita he could get himself killed, and she finally caves and leads them in the direction Dwight went.

Daryl is doing his tracker thing through a field when he hears something and quickly fires his crossbow. It misses Rosita by inches, and he immediately flips out on them for following him. When Daryl goes off about how he could have killed Dwight and that this is all his fault, Glenn reminds him that he’s not doing this for Denise — he’s doing it for himself. Both he and Michonne desperately try talking some sense into Daryl, but he doesn’t want to hear it. It’s like he knows they are right, but he just doesn’t care. When Daryl storms off, Rosita follows him because she wants to help him.

Michonne and Glenn head off into the woods on their own, likely to head home defeated, but stop to chat about what’s going on when they get to a creek. Glenn goes on about how he thought that they got lucky, that he thought they had it all figured out, but he’s interrupted when what sounds like a whistle vibrates through the trees. Michonne and Glenn are quick to pull up their guns, but they are completely outnumbered by Saviors — including Dwight.

Morgan Takes The Task On For Himself

Morgan and Rick are still tracking Carol when they come across a bloody patch of grass. Morgan thinks Carol’s been bleeding for a while, but he questions why Rick is trying to save her. He mentions that others in town told him what happened in the prison and how Carol was banished, and questions what Rick would have done if that happened now. Rick tells Morgan he likely would have thanked her, and that was only if he didn’t kill the people she did himself first. In my opinion, Morgan has too many questions.

They come across a barn with freshly killed walkers where they find a man fighting them off. He hides when Rick pulls a gun on him, then refuses to come out when asked to do so. He says he’s just looking for his horse, he’s not looking for any trouble, but of course Rick doesn’t believe him. When a group of walkers approaches the guy makes a run for it, and Rick aims his gun to shoot him in the back. But, before he can pull the trigger, Morgan shoves him and throws off his aim. Yeah, Morgan needs to find his chill.

Once the walkers are taken out Morgan tells Rick about the wolf he kept hidden inside Alexandria and how he could have killed him, but didn’t. Rick is furious, but Morgan tells him that the man eventually saved Denise, and then Denise was alive to save Carl. “It’s all a circle,” he tells Rick. Then, out of nowhere, he tells Rick to go home. He says he’ll find Carol and bring her home, but that if he doesn’t then no one should come looking for him. Suddenly I feel sick, because what if Negan’s victim ends up being Morgan? The Saviors already have Glenn and Michonne, so who’s next?

Rick returns home and tells Abraham, who is on guard, that Morgan is going to keep looking for her. In return he tells Rick that Michonne hasn’t returned yet, which leaves Rick looking nervous as he stares through Alexandria’s gate. Abraham swears they’ll be back any second, but nothing and no one is coming down the road towards them.

Daryl & Dwight Come Face-To-Face Again

We briefly pop over to Maggie’s house, where she’s asked Enid over to cut her hair. Once it’s done and her hair is super short she seems really happy with it, until she starts to feel uncomfortable. Out of nowhere Maggie is clutching her stomach and curling up on the floor while screaming in agony, and poor Enid has no idea what’s happening or how to help her.

But, that’s not where the episode ends. We return the woods where Daryl and Rosita are desperately trying to find Dwight’s crew so they can take them out as revenge for what happened to Denise. When they finally find their camp the first thing they see is both Glenn and Michonne gagged and tied up against a log. Daryl signals that he’s going to do something, but Glenn shakes his head. When Daryl, of course, ignores Glenn’s suggestion, he starts screaming through his gag. At that moment you hear the click of a gun, and Dwight says, “Hi Daryl.”

Both he and Rosita are surrounded by gunmen, and then a shot is fired from Dwight’s gun directly at Daryl. His blood covers the screen, and that’s how the episode ends. Holy. Crap.

The very last thing you hear as the screen fades to black is Dwight saying he’ll “be alright.” But… will he?

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think that Daryl is dead? Comment below with your thoughts and theories!