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‘Downton Abbey’ Series Finale: Edith Finally Gets Married

Sun, March 6, 2016 10:56pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 5 Comments
downton abbey series finale recap
Courtesy of BBC

We laughed and cried during the ‘Downton Abbey’ series finale, as Lady Edith finally got her happy ending. Read on for our recap!

After six seasons the time has come to say good bye to Downton Abbey — and the Christmas Special wrapped everything up perfectly! The biggest event of the season, Lady Edith’s wedding, is finally here.

The episode begins with Andrew asking Ms. Patmore if Daisy is interested in men — we sense a new romance blossoming!

Mr. Moseley is invited to take on more classes and they’re even offering him a cottage to move into. Things are changing at Downton. Barrow finally finds a new job and thanks them for saving his life. I know Barrow was quite wretched while at Downton, but I felt so upset seeing him go — especially when the children say goodbye to him.

Lady Edith is in London and Rosamund leaves her a note that she wants to go to dinner at The Ritz — and when she gets there Bertie is waiting. It turns out that Lady Mary booked the table and orchestrated the plan. “The only thing I’m not ready for is a life without you,” he says.

His mother calls Edith “damaged goods” because of her sorded past with Marigold. While at first it seems like she won’t ever approve, she acknowledges the strength and courage it took for Edith to be honest. Lady Edith finally gets her happily-ever-after!

Lord Merton’s daughter-in-law is quite the gate-keeper. After being denied entry, cousin Isobel returns with the Dowager Countess — and together they push their way through. Isobel invites Lord Merton to move in with her and even proposes marriage — we’re so happy to see them achieve their happily ever after.

The date is December 29, 1925 and the Downton estate is being decorated for Edith’s big day. Lady Rose and Atticus are back for the wedding, and she’s gushing about her three-month-old daughter. Apparently Lady Edith’s good fortune was in all the papers, even in NY.

Henry and Tom open up a used car dealership, and Mary couldn’t be prouder. Lady Mary is also pregnant — and she doesn’t want to steal Lady Edith’s thunder by announcing it before the wedding. Oh, how far we’ve come.

Lord Grantham is still sulking about Cora’s role with the hospital, so Lady Rose takes him to a meeting so he can see his wife at work.

Daisy attempts to use the blowdryer and chops her hair off, all for the sake of Andrew. Anna helps her fix her ‘do. Daisy decides to move into the farm with Mr. Mason and he is definitely sweet on Ms. Patmore — with Daisy’s approval.

Anna’s water breaks and she goes into labor in Lady Mary’s bedroom — much to Carson’s disapproval. Anna and Bates have a baby boy. Join Amazon Prime For Free – Thousands of Movies & Shows Anytime

Branson and Lady Edith’s magazine editor seem to be hitting it off.

Mr. Carson’s shakes force him to retire, yet he’ll still stay on in a management position. Lord Grantham and Lady Mary ask Barrow to come back as butler — and we couldn’t be happier. Everyone is so happy to see him back at the house, where he belongs.

After six emotional years, everything wrapped up perfectly — even the Dowager Countess and Cora make up, just in time to usher in 1926.

It is bittersweet to say goodbye to the family, but we’re so happy Edith finally got her happily ever after.