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‘Ghostbusters’ Director Fiercely Defends All-Female Cast From Haters: ‘It’s Pure Misogyny’

Thu, March 3, 2016 5:40pm EDT by 8 Comments

Who you gonna call? If you hate that the upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ movie has an all-female main cast, it better not be film’s director, Paul Feig. Paul said that fans that think the Ghostbusters can’t be women are full of ‘pure misogyny.’ And slime. Tons of slime.

Grab your proton packs because the new Ghostbusters movie is coming! Nobody is more excited for the new film than the director and co-writer, Paul Feig, 53. But Paul finds anyone hating that the cast – Melissa McCarthy, 45, Kristen Wiig, 42, Leslie Jones48, and Kate McKinnon32 – are all women, he’ll blast them like they were the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Who You Gonna Call?
Ghostbusters On Blu-Ray
Ghostbusters On Blu-Ray

Paul loves interacting with Ghostbusters fans on Twitter — here he is gushing over one fan’s proton pack — but he will quickly ignore anyone who doesn’t like that the 2016 movie cast women in the lead roles. “If it’s pure misogyny, it’s a non-starter to me,” Paul told Buzzfeed. “I go, ‘You’re somebody I don’t even want to deal with.'”

That’s what the Mute button is for, Paul! Katie Dippold, 36, the movie’s co-writer, also told Buzzfeed that she also has no time for those fools who think that women can’t be Ghostbusters. “There was one guy – I think my favorite tweet,” she said. “There was this man who was sincerely tying to help, who said ‘Listen, I am not exist, but women just cannot handle that kind of action and dialogue.’ I was just like, ‘Thank you so much sir. Thank you for your concern.'”

Bye, Felicia! Or, in this case, should it be – Bye, Slimer! Katie also said that they didn’t pick Melissa, Kristen, Leslie and Kate just because they are women. They got the parts because — surprise, surprise — they’re hilarious! If you’re not afraid of no ghost, you’re not afraid of streaming unlimited and ad-free music.

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“We want to make a new Ghostbusters,” Katie said. “We love Ghostbusters. It’s like been 30 years. We want to see a new one. We want it to be funny, we want it to be scary. And it so happens that we think the four funniest people to be Ghostbusters are those people.” Plus, if anyone is upset at the lack of dudes in the film, Ernie Hudson, 70, who played Winston Zeddmore in the original two movies, is part of the cast. Plus, there’s also Chris Hemsworth, 32, who plays the sexiest geek ever!

Are you excited to see the new Ghostbusters movie, HollywoodLifers?