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‘The Walking Dead’: Eugene Gives Daryl A ‘Hunky Dunky’ Science Lesson — Watch

Sun, February 21, 2016 9:00am EDT by Lauren Cox Add first Comment

This preview from ‘The Walking Dead’s upcoming tenth episode is HILARIOUS. Just wait until you see Daryl’s reaction to Eugene trying to help with their farming situation! Click inside to WATCH!

On the Feb. 21 episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) head out on a supply run that takes a wrong turn. But first they receive a list of supplies to get from none other than Eugene (Josh McDermitt), who is hoping his endless smarts will help them improve the crops they started growing when Deanna was still alive.

Are Daryl and Rick going on a supply run? That’s what this clip leads us to believe about the Feb. 21 episode of The Walking Dead, especially when Eugene gets involved.

The clip starts with Eugene opening the entry gate for Rick and Daryl, who are driving a beat up old car out of their newly re-claimed Alexandria. Before letting them hit the road, Eugene approaches the passenger side window, where Daryl is seated, and hands him a map and list of “agricultural supply” places in the area. Eugene tells Daryl and Rick that the “sorghum” will likely be untouched, and that they should grab it because it will make their farming situation “hunky dunky.”

Yes, he really says the words “hunky dunky.” But are you that surprised? This is Eugene we’re talking about!

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Either way, the clip is hilarious because when Eugene does actually say the words “hunky dunky” Daryl slowly turns to stare at him as if he’s speaking another language. Which, let’s be honest, to Daryl he totally is! But, it gets better… because when Eugene finally lets them go the camera pans out to reveal that Rick, too, is just as confused by the conversation that was just had. Both Rick and Daryl’s faces are PRICELESS.

Oh, and speaking of Daryl… have you heard the crazy fan theory about him and Negan? It makes a LOT of sense and will leave you praying for Daryl’s safety. Click HERE for more details from!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you hoping to see more Eugene in upcoming episodes? Comment below with your thoughts!