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Kanye West ‘Still Thinks Amber Rose Is A Snake’ Despite Truce With Wife Kim Kardashian

Wed, February 3, 2016 3:27pm EDT by 12 Comments

The feud between Amber Rose and Kanye West may be on hold, thanks to Kim Kardashian, but don’t expect Yeezy to hang with his ex anytime soon. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop that Ye still thinks Amber is ‘manipulative’ and he’ll never forgive her for trying to ruin his life!

Kim Kardashian, 35, may just earn herself a Nobel Peace Prize for working out a truce between Amber Rose, 32, and Kanye West, 38, following his epic war with Wiz Khalifa, 28. While Kim and Amber are now cool enough to take selfies together, has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Yeezy still detests Amber and doesn’t trust her “as far as he can throw her.”

“Kanye respects his wife’s decision to reach out to Amber,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells, “but he still despises her and thinks she’s a snake. Amber is manipulative to the bone and Kanye doesn’t trust her. Amber has tried her best to tarnish his image and ruin his relationship with Kim and he can never forgive her for that.”

While Kanye may have supported Kim meeting Amber to hash out their differences, it doesn’t mean he was totally down Kim hanging with his ex. “It’s one of those cases of keep you friends close and your enemies closer – that’s how he’s rationalizing Kim’s decision,” the insider tells “But, he doesn’t trust Amber as far as he can throw her.”

Kanye may just never get over being called a “#FingersInTheBootyAssB*tch” by Amber during Yeezy’s epic twitter war with Wiz, especially since Kanye’s Anal Playlist started trending afterward. Despite this, Yeezy has been able smooth things out with Wiz. Kanye tweeted that he and Wiz had a “great convo” after the spat, and Wiz even said that he and Yeezy are “good.”

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If Kanye can work things out with Wiz, why can’t he find his chill and give Amber a chance? To Yeezy, he sees this beef with Wiz as something rappers just do. He thinks it’s “part of the game,” the source tells “It sells records and keeps the audience interested.” The source adds that, “[Kanye] and Wiz are cool. Ye and Amber? That’s a different story.”

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Since Kanye can’t stand to be in the same room as Amber, he’s grateful that Kim was able to squash the beef before it threatened his 2020 Presidential run! “Amber…has tons of Kanye skeletons in her closet,” a source told, “He’s serious about [running for president in] 2020 and doesn’t want Amber to derail that in any way.”

Do you think Kanye and Amber will ever be friends, HollywoodLifers? Or do you think that chance is long gone?