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Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa: 5 Things To Know About Their Epic Twitter Feud

Wed, January 27, 2016 4:38pm EDT by Beth Shilliday 1 Comment

Yikes! Kanye West tore Wiz Khalifa a new one in an epic rant on Jan. 27, so what’s the deal behind their bad blood? We’ve got some answers as to why Kanye took off on the tantrum of the century on Twitter!

Leave it to Kanye West to brighten our day with the rant to end all rants. His ire was directed at fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa and his thoughts were all over the place in one giant stream of consciousness explosion. He called out Wiz from everything from his son with Amber Rose to his diss about Yeezy changing his album title. So what’s really going on with this crazy feud? We’ve got the details!

Here are got 5 key things to know out the epic Twitter feud:

1. Wiz started the feud by calling out Kanye over his album name change.

On Jan. 26 Yeezy announced he was changing the name of his album Swish to Waves. That got Wiz’s ire because his pal Max B. had an album named Waves and coined the term “wavy” as his own. He called out Kanye about it in Twitter, igniting the epic rant by Yeezus.

2. Kanye is upset that he can’t wear cool pants like Wiz.

With his 6’4″ stature and a trim frame, Wiz can rock fashion to the highest degree, especially pants! Yeezy even mentioned in his Twitter want about how much he envies Wiz’s ability to wear cool pants. Since Kanye is a fashion icon, he wishes he had the kind of frame that Wiz has that caters to designer duds, which is harder with Yeezy’s 5’8″ frame.

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3. Kanye was upset when Wiz used the term KK in a retort post.

Yeezy thought that Wiz was dissing on his wife Kim Kardashian, but that totally not the case. KK is a marijuana strain named after the rapper called “Khalifa Kush,” which is sold out of his favorite medical marijuana dispensary.

4. Wiz married and had a child with Kanye’s ex Amber Rose.

Amber was joined at the hip with Kanye during their intense relationship that lasted from 2008-2010. Shortly after their nasty break up, she began dating Wiz. The pair went on to have a son Sebastian in Feb. 2013.  Yeezy claimed in his rant that Wiz wouldn’t even have a kid if it wasn’t for him breaking up with “stripper” Amber.

5. This may all come full circle to Kanye’s wife Kim.

Kim was once close pals with Blac Chyna, but Blac fell out of favor with her family when her fiance Tyga dumped her began dating Kim’s sis Kylie Jenner. Blac has been on the attack against Kylie ever since and as a result is now hated by the family. Amber and Blac remain close friends and allies so she’s also on the outs with the Kardashian clan, which Kanye is a part of.

HollywoodLifers, are you Team Kanye or Team Wiz?