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Chris Brown Reacts To Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa Twitter War: See Hilarious Message

Wed, January 27, 2016 10:35pm EDT by Beth Shilliday 5 Comments

It seems as though the world completely stopped when Kanye West went on his now legendary Twitter rant against Wiz Khalifa, and even other stars were hypnotized by the bizarre back and forth. Chris Brown has posted a hilarious meme of how he couldn’t take his eyes off his screen!

Hah! For once singer Chris Brown, 26, wasn’t the topic of controversy and got to sit back and enjoy as Kanye West started his crazy epic feud Jan. 27 with Wiz Khalifa. Just like the rest of us, Breezy was glued to Kanye’s Twitter account drama as Ye’s mind kept exploding with truth bombs. Then things got even crazier when Kanye’s ex Amber Rose came along and jumped into the feud, shouting down Kanye with some VERY racy revelations. It was must-watch Twittering and Chris was totally engrossed by it, even sharing a meme about his feelings!

Chris shared a hilarious post to his Instagram showing the late Michael Jackson chowing down on popcorn while looking up at a screen with the words “Me all day today” above him, which is SO TRUE because we wanted to grab a bucket of it ourselves and watch the amazingness go off! Yeezy doesn’t go off on social media very often, but when he does look out, cause it’s going to be BEYOND epic and his latest rant was a total gift to the world.

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Kanye took offense to a tweet Wiz put up about Ye changing his new album title to Waves, something Wiz saw as a rip off of pal Max B, who used the word as a title to an album and was known for his wavy style of singing along as rapping. Well, that was a lit match to a stick of dynamite cause Kanye BLEW UP, and took the internet with him!

Ye lit into his fellow rapper about a number of things, but his comments about Wiz and Amber having a son together were blistering. “You let a stripper trap you. I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years,” before dropping, “You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me. You own waves???? I own your child!!!!” But Amber wasn’t going to take any it, and fired back with the revelation that her ex Kanye liked having a finger stuck up his behind. It was pure d-r-a-m-a and we loved every second of it, and so did Breezy!

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HollywoodLifers, were you feeling the same way Chris was today, just sitting there glued to Kanye’s amazing rant?